Print Quality Control Preflight – FlightCheck by Markzware

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Preflight for print quality control, using Markzware‘s preflight solution, FlightCheck:

Markzware FlightCheck Icon Small 111x111 Preflight Solution for PrintFlightCheck by Markzware provides preflighting for your printing projects during prepress and gives you a level of print quality control that you probably haven’t experienced before. We all have had encounters with printing an entire project, only to realize that, due to poor quality, it has to be reprinted, resulting in a huge financial hardship.

Preflighting will scan your entire project and offer information you need to correct possible printing problems and make your print job come out perfect the first time. Preflighting with FlightCheck software for prepress is the answer to your diminishing advertising budget. Printing your project right the first time will save those dollars for additional advertising for your business.

FlightCheck will check the entire document, including many different file formats, such as Adobe applications like InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PageMaker, and FreeHand, along with QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher, and many more. When scanning the document, it will scan digital files and give details of the results, as well as warn you of potential printing problems and direct you to them, so that you can immediately repair them. It leads you through the preflighting process of the workflow with a built-in preflight checklist, plus gives you a preflight report.

Print Quality Control Preflight using FlightCheck by Markzware

Preflight with Markzware’s preflight solution to ensure print quality control of DTP files

This is the type of information we have all been longing for. How do we see the outcome without actually activating the whole print job? This process lets you see exactly where the problems may lie, before you even send the information to the printer for printing.

Have you have ever had a print job go to print and had the wrong document sizes or missing fonts? How many times has your production been finished and had the incorrect colors or the incorrect resolution on your images? Well with FlightCheck for prepress, you can end all those errors and have confidence that your finished product will look just like you thought it should.

Not only will the program find the errors, but it will direct you to where they are and what you can do to fix them. It gives you complete print quality control before you go to print. This saves not only money, but time, a resource of which we never have enough.

If you have ever had any of the issues mentioned above, my recommendation is to get FlightCheck by Markzware and use this preflighting application to scan all your printing jobs, large or small. Make your issues with print quality control a thing of the past. Then you won’t have to worry about taking a chance on sending your print jobs while hoping and praying that they have no errors. You can now send out those printing jobs with the confidence that they will look how you or your clients want them to. So if you want to take the guesswork out of printing, use FlightCheck for prepress by Markzware.

Print Quality Control Preflight – FlightCheck by Markzware

Title: Print Quality Control Preflight – FlightCheck by Markzware
Published on: November 8, 2011
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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