Proof of Preflight

Proof of preflight can be provided by a preflight report. FlightCheck, the patented preflighting technology invented by Markzware, can provide the preflight report. FlightCheck, the standard preflight solution, can check documents in several file types and warn of potential printing problems before document output.

Markzware develops FlightCheck, the preflight solution that provides a detailed preflight report as proof of preflight. FlightCheck can review documents in a PDF of non-PDF workflow, for proofing at any time during prepress. This allows graphic designers, marketers, advertisers, printers, publishers and other professionals the assurance that a PDF file with proof of preflight can be safely accepted. FlightCheck verifies that the PDF file has undergone preflight, plus outlines the results of the preflight check.

Proof of preflight is a good idea. Use FlightCheck pre press software to check PDF and more file formats for print quality control. A preflight report can verify that documents have been proofed and are print-ready. FlightCheck provides proof of preflight in the form of a preflight report, while saving time and money. For more information on prepress tools and printing solutions, please visit the Markzware Products page.
Proof is in the Preflight with Markzware FlightCheckProof of Preflight

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