Rampage Ships Version 11, Increases PDF trapping speed

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Markzware is the developer of FlightCheck, the patented software for preflighting to check documents for print quality control before printing. FlightCheck scans files during prepress to catch potential printing problems before document output. Since Markzware develops FlightCheck for preflighting PDF and non-PDF files, we noticed this press release:

June 10, 2008 – Rampage Systems of Waltham, MA announced that Version 11 of the Rampage Workflow System is shipping and improves the performance of PDF Trap Engine by as much as 75 percent. Rampage Systems introduced PDF Trap Engine in 2006 to help printers deal with PDF files containing transparent effects.

Quad Core Workstation Offers Further Gains – The speed improvements to the software are compounded by the company’s move to faster workstations based on Quad Core Xeon processors. Kevin McSweeney, Rampage Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, “Speed was our primary focus for this initial release. The majority of our customers will see speed improvements of 300 percent by running Version 11 on our Quad Core workstation. In other words, they will be running faster software on faster hardware.”

Threaded RIP Option Doubles Performance – Version 11 also marks Rampage’s introduction of an option that runs two software RIPs on a single workstation. The Threaded RIP option nearly doubles the performance of a conventional system. For an existing Rampage customer, the cumulative effect of running Version 11 with the Threaded RIP option is a speed improvement of 300 to 700 percent depending on configuration.

JDF Tightens Integration With Imposition Packages – Metrix from Lithotechnics (www.lithotechnics.com) combines job planning, estimating, and imposition into a comprehensive, yet easy-to-use package. Businesses using Metrix 3.0 can now select predefined Rampage process plans (workflows) from within Metrix and generate a job in JDF that is picked up by Rampage for automatic processing. Other imposition packages can actually run from within Rampage Version 11 and automatically generate a job including stripping instructions in JDF.

Advanced Preflight Tool in Next Release – Version 11.1 of Rampage will include a comprehensive PDF preflight utility that will supplement Rampage’s existing Pre-Scan application. McSweeney said, “There are many progressive businesses successfully using Rampage Remote for proofing and job submission. The weak link in this automation chain is poorly constructed customer files. Version 11.1 will address that issue and help our customers achieve even higher levels of automation.” Source

Preflighting, which FlightCheck handles, is an important step during prepress. FlightCheck will even provide preflighting results in a report. When you need a thorough document check during preflighting, use FlightCheck for top print quality control. Markzware’s preflighting application is available via the FlightCheck page.

Rampage Ships Version 11, Increases PDF trapping speed

Title: Rampage Ships Version 11, Increases PDF trapping speed
Published on: June 11, 2008
David Dilling

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