Sir Speedy Clairmont Mesa San Diego-FlightCheck Preflighting

Sir Speedy Clairmont Mesa San Diego-FlightCheck Preflighting

Printing companies know that preflighting documents in prepress is important. FlightCheck, pre press software by Markzware can handle preflighting during prepress. FlightCheck is recommended by top printing companies. This printing professional gives a FlightCheck testimonial on Markzware’s preflight solution:

MARY LOU BENZEL | Sir Speedy Clairmont Mesa
“My husband and I both own Sir Speedy Clairemont Mesa in San Diego, California. When we decided to open the franchise, neither of us had any real printing training, but Sir Speedy hosts a three-week intensive training program. Preflighting is something that they highly encourage. When you open a Sir Speedy, I wouldn’t say it’s a turnkey operation, but they do recommend a core of software and equipment.

Markzware FlightCheck is the preflight application they recommend. We see all sorts of files come over the counter here. A lot of customers think, that just because they’ve created a file that looks good on the screen, that it’s going to print the same way. But unless the creator knows what they’re doing, there may be missing elements or other problems like low-res images.

To complicate our job, many of our clients don’t even supply a proof, so if a font defaults, for example, we may not be able to tell that it’s happened. Preflighting allows us to have three options when there’s a problem with a file. First, if its a small problem, we can just make the quick fix. Or we can call the customer and tell them what’s missing and provide them with a preflight report. They can then either fix it themselves and resubmit the corrected file, or for $70 an hour, we’ll correct it for them. The bottom line is money.”

Mary Lou Benzel, owner Sir Speedy Clairemont, Mesa, CA
Phone: 858-541-1972
Fax: 858-541-2099

FlightCheck for preflighting is available online via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Sir Speedy Clairmont Mesa San Diego: FlightCheck Preflighting

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