Standard Modern Printing: 1940 America in Color and Newspaper Publishing

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Standard Modern Printing reads the sign outside a Massachusetts newspaper publishing company in this 1940 America in Color series of photographs just re-published, in color, by the Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (USA). These are some of the only known color impressions from the Great Depression and well worth the visit to The Denver Post blog, the site of the newspaper publisher that highlights them.

Makes me wonder what form of preflighting the The Brockton Enterprise, the newspaper publishing company featured below, had in place before they sent output to modern print back then. Newspaper publishers would have benefited greatly from FlightCheck by Markzware, if the preflight solution had been available in that era of recent printing history.

My grandmother, bless her soul, used to tell us stories of how she, as a young lady, survived through the depression not too badly, all-in-all. (She had food.) How? She was very good at spelling and grammar in high school and got a job that required her to check content for spelling and grammar errors at a major daily newspaper in Philadelphia. (I believe she worked at the The Philadelphia Inquirer or the Philadelphia Bulletin, one of the two!) She still complained how many of the articles were basically their work in the end, looking nothing like the original editor’s version, who got all the credit! (We sure are lucky with these modern spell checking tools and libraries.)
Enjoy the historical pictures:

Standard Modern Printing 1940 America in Color: Preflight Color with Markzware FlightCheck Standard Modern Printing, reads the sign in 1940 picture from
newspaper publisher, Brockton Enterprise (Boston).

Headlines posted in street-corner window of newspaper office (Brockton Enterprise). Brockton, Massachusetts, December 1940. Reproduction from color slide. Photo by Jack Delano. Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Markzware FlightCheck can preflight color in documents, for print quality control. You can buy this software for printing and publishing via the FlightCheck page. More printing solutions are available via the Markzware Products page.

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Title: Standard Modern Printing: 1940 America in Color and Newspaper Publishing
Published on: September 8, 2010
David Dilling

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