Twitter for Printers and Prepress

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In “Twitter for Printers – Get Started,” Markzware explained how to set up a Twitter account, change the background and some other basic, getting-started tips. Markzware is the publisher of FlightCheck, the patented preflight solution to check documents for print quality control before output. So, Markzware is interested in social networking with printers. Now that we have an account as a printer on Twitter, how do we use this micro blogging site?

Twitter can be seen as a fully, 100% opt-in communication platform. It can also be used for marketing (not to be abused, as followers may be lost or never acquired in the first place). There are even those that flat out try to sell their wares through this tool – and some succeed at it. Whatever you do, the best approach is the personal approach, then if you occasionally get a little too marketing-orientated, it is often forgiven; but do not spam, as that could get you kicked off of Twitter.

How do I get people to follow me on Twitter?
You need to start broadcasting your regular messages through Twitter. As you see, you just type, check it over, and hit Submit. It is that easy! Build up your Tweets (messages) and stay on topic. (Printers can use topics in which your target audience, graphic designers and print-buyers will be interested.) It may be as simple as a sort of online journal, documenting events of noteworthy mention. For example, “Just got a 10-page brochure from a customer made in InDesign. 100 images, 90 of them missing and not provided with the job!” or “RIP just choked- erghhh, why always at 4:59 on Friday…” Remember to keep it personal. Many start the Tweet with something like, “Good morning, Tweeters.” You can also feed content into Twitter from your blog or site’s RSS feed through free services like It is quick and easy to set up, but if you need help with that, just Tweet (or email) me!

How do I get more followers on Twitter?
Now that we have some content, let’s go out and actively “follow” people. We want to find or search for graphic designers, for they often need a printer…. Also, once you find an active profile of, say, someone that does work with Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress, then you can browse THEIR followers and likewise follow them too!

Once you follow people of a similar interest, they will get an email. In this email, it links to your profile… they will see that you are a printer, who is also personal in tweets. Thus, they likely will follow you back! Many have the policy to “follow” back anyone who “follows” them! I generally do, too, but if it is not within graphic communications or something I am interested in, then, I will not follow.

From there, keep active with your tweeting daily, or at least every few days or so. You will start to have people come out of the blue and follow you! Then, you are on the road to Twitter success.

How do printers get even more followers on Twitter?
Come follow the publisher of FlightCheck preflight software, Markzware on Twitter, and interact with Joe the Printer and other printing professionals.

NOTE: I learned of this series of tips and blog entries via Peter van Teesling, which is, more or less, what we covered here in these videos, but in textual form. Also, they get into some great details and third-party tools:

Next, Markzware will discuss advanced options for printers on Twitter. Meanwhile, see how FlightCheck preflighting solution can check documents in many file types for print quality assurance, before printing. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Twitter for Printers and Prepress

Title: Twitter for Printers and Prepress
Published on: January 15, 2009
David Dilling

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