Twitter for Printers and Cross-Media Professionals: FlightCheck Preflight Software

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Power Twitter secrets for print and cross-media publishing:

One way for printers and cross-media professionals to connect is via Twitter, an ever-evolving, very popular blogging site that gives users the chance to gain followers. Those who are active on Twitter can see how useful Twitter can be for printers and cross-media professionals who work with content creation, management, distribution, etc.

There are well-known industry leaders, such as Markzware on Twitter. This can be a useful internet marketing tool for connecting with peer professionals, as well as customers and potential customers. You can respond to others’ posts and some specific subjects, like Markzware‘s FlightCheck, preflight software for prepress, may be particularly interesting for you to follow.

FlightCheck Preflight Solution for Printers and Publishers on Twitter

Printers should consider using Twitter, if they haven’t already. Using this news and networking tool, you can see what users are doing, checking out and reading. When posting your own “tweets” or messages, you can talk business and trade tips, as well as give personal and professional insights.

Tweeting is similar to chatting with a lot of people (your followers). You can discuss new developments or the latest technologies. Twitter provides a networking platform on which printers can share expertise or knowledge with other users. As followers become interested in the specific area you discuss, you can generate traffic to your website. There are other third-party tools that can enhance your Twitter use (for example, an aggregator service for all your social networks and information streams where you can actively discuss news or technology news.

Printers should enjoy getting involved in this online social networking, see what people are doing and to whom they are connecting. You can get an idea of the expertise and connections of your customers to see if you can help them.
Markzware FlightCheck Folder StructureFlightCheck, the preflight software for prepress from Markzware, can check documents in various file types for printing quality assurance prior to printing. FlightCheck thoroughly scans files to catch printing errors before they happen.

FlightCheck saves money, time and materials for printers, cross-media professionals, marketers, and publishing professionals. Tell all your Twitter contacts about FlightCheck preflight software for prepress, available at the FlightCheck page online.

Title: Twitter for Printers and Cross-Media Professionals: FlightCheck Preflight Software
Published on: July 27, 2012
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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