Variable Data Preflight

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Markzware is the publisher of FlightCheck, the preflight solution to preflight files during prepress for digital printing, high-volume printing, and more. This Markzware pre press software can check documents in several file types for variable data print jobs.

FlightCheck is the wise choice of preflight tool for digital printing and print workflows. FlightCheck enables proofing, viewing, and preflighting of documents for high-volume print campaigns. The detailed preflight report generated by FlightCheck provides validation of properly formed files. FlightCheck has a user-friendly interface and eliminates re-prints, saving time and materials for a great return on investment.

Variable Data Preflight with FlightCheck

Markzware FlightCheck can check documents for print quality in variable data print jobs

Variable data preflight is a print area that is still growing. So, it is good to know that FlightCheck is such a valuable preflight tool. It is important to preflight prior to file submission. Why preflight manually, when FlightCheck is readily available, customizable, and so thorough? In its version for printers and service bureaus, FlightCheck can be set to check over 150 separate items. These printing problems could potentially keep a file from successfully completing raster image processing. A Results screen lists all problems found, as well as a possible remedy.

Correct common file problems and identify errors before you print, by using FlightCheck. Markzware and FlightCheck are well-established names in preflight. Use FlightCheck to preflight files for print quality before output. FlightCheck is available online via the FlightCheck page.

Variable Data Preflight

Title: Variable Data Preflight
Published on: April 23, 2009
David Dilling

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