View PDF Images & Extract PDF Images: Preflight App, FlightCheck Mac

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The following video shows you how to view and extract PDF images on the macOS platform, using stand-alone preflight app, FlightCheck Mac, by Markzware:

You can use Markzware‘s FlightCheck Mac (an application to help prepress users to ensure a document’s print quality), to view PDF images and to extract them. FlightCheck enables you to check images and extract files, while ensuring print quality control.

Want to just view the images used in your PDFs? You can use FlightCheck, which will, of course, give you a full pre-flight report on PDFs, as well as source files like InDesign, QuarkXPress, and even individual images.

I just pick a PDF I know has a lot of images in it, and off FlightCheck goes. The eagle will gather all information about your file, use of colors, fonts, and, of course, images.

Markzware FlightCheck 7 Mac Images Ground Controls Expanded

That’s what we’re going to highlight, today, and just so you can browse the images, without even getting into the various potential preflight problems. The first screen just gives you an overview of potential problems. Like I said, we’ll go over that, another time.

Now, here in the main screen, I can see many different things about the file. In this case, I’m just going to zero in on the images, which I already have open here.

Fonts Used Images with Markzware FlightCheck

And, if I click on any given image, I can get a preview. And I can scan through and get a preview of every single image used in that PDF file and see relevant information, image resolutions, how it’s used compression, if it’s been skewed or rotated, etc.

So, extremely useful, Markzware‘s FlightCheck. And you can download a free version to try yourself over on

That’s a quick tip for today, Markzware‘s FlightCheck, to scan images in PDF files, not to mention many other files, as well. By the way, if you’re also looking for a way to extract images used within PDFs, Markzware has a sister product called PDF2DTP, to convert multi-page PDF files, which also extracts the images.

Markzware FlightCheck logo 150x150

Markzware‘s FlightCheck is long known as a pre-press workhorse, great for graphic designers to check work before exporting and now out with Adobe CC 2019 support and more. For more information and a free download, go to today.

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Title: View PDF Images & Extract PDF Images: Preflight App, FlightCheck Mac
Published on: March 21, 2019
David Dilling

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