Adobe InDesign Printing Guide for Prepress Providers

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The Adobe InDesign printing guide and FlightCheck preflight solution are valuable resources for prepress providers. If you work in prepress, you’ll want this printing guide and FlightCheck:

Adobe InDesign printing is much in demand, and prepress providers need to preflight files for print quality control. To define preflight profiles, check out FlightCheck, the preflight solution from Markzware. Markzware invented FlightCheck, patented preflight technology to check print quality during prepress for Adobe InDesign printing and more.

See how thoroughly FlightCheck can check Adobe InDesign printing and more for printing quality. Consult with your prepress provider to obtain a preflight profile or to learn what the settings are for preflight profiles. To view a guide for prepress providers of Adobe InDesign printing, read on:

Define a preflight profile

  1. Choose Define Profiles from the Preflight panel menu or from the Preflight menu at the bottom of the document window. Read more

Adobe InDesign Printing Guide for Prepress Providers

Title: Adobe InDesign Printing Guide for Prepress Providers
Published on: December 11, 2008
David Dilling

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