Correct Color Printing Problems Preflight with FlightCheck

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Correct color printing problems, eliminating color printing errors, wrong color space, and wrong image resolution. Use FlightCheck to preflight color, get the correct color space and resolution, and to save time on color publishing of high-quality, full color printing job and other color print media projects.

Wild Pete Publishing specializing in color publishing, and produces high-quality color printing pieces is nestled just outside the south entrance of Yosemite National Park in Coarsegold, California.

Wild Pete Publishing, Inc. uses Markzware FlightCheck for Clean PDF Creation

FlightCheck saves me time, and by eliminating
color printing errors it saves me money.
– Caroline Root, owner Wild Pete Publishing

Owners Caroline and Casey Root nearly twenty years ago purchased a real estate magazine franchise and self taught themselves all about the publishing and printing world.  Since starting their business, Root has stayed consistent with one professional page layout program, Quark, “since all my jobs are built on this platform, we have stayed with it.”

With Wild Pete Publishing located in such a remote area most of their work is done via email, and the Roots have found a solution to handle potential printing problems. “Our clients give us a rough concept of what they want, then we develop their ad and send a proof. The majority of our color publishing work is generated in-house; however, some of my customers do provide their own color image files. From time to time customer supplied files are notorious for being in the wrong color space or the wrong image resolution. FlightCheck Professional helps me catch these color printing problems before I send a full color printing job to press.” Root explains.

A big advantage that Root considers to be important when using Markzware FlightCheck preflight solution is the time savings.  “I used to spend hours tediously reviewing a collection report to ensure that I hadn’t missed a critical element that may cause my job to fail at the image setter. Yes, I could open every graphic and look up every font and trap setting, but it would require several hours to do what FlightCheck can do in minutes during color preflighting. This desktop publishing application saves me time, and by eliminating color printing errors, it saves me money.”

With the color printing world changing at such a rapid pace, we were interested in Root’s view of where the next 10 years of printed material is heading. Root responded, “Printed materials will not go away, but their role is changing.  Many advertisers are using color print media to direct the reader back to the advertiser’s web site.”

Markzware FlightCheck print options can help you to check your color print jobs, choose how to print color, and to warn of print separation before you print the colors. For tips on how to preflight color, see the Preflight Checklist for Printing Color Graphics, as well as tips on printing color graphics and handling color management.

Share your story with us. How did you begin your career in the printing and desktop publishing (DTP) industry? What color preflighting tools are you using?  Do you work with native files or PDFs?  What is your favorite color publishing application and why?  Where do you see printing heading in the next 5 or 10 years?

Correct Color Printing Problems Preflight with FlightCheck

Title: Correct Color Printing Problems Preflight with FlightCheck
Published on: August 10, 2010
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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