Fast App to Preview InDesign, InCopy, or IDML Files: ID Util for macOS

Fast App to Preview InDesign, InCopy, or IDML Files: ID Util for macOS

Need a fast app to preview InDesign, InCopy, or IDML files? Use the free ID Util for macOS application by Markzware, available on the Mac App Store:

Graphic designers may need a fast method to check or send previews of several InDesign layouts. ID Util allows you to preview styled InDesign stories efficiently, as well as to export those previews to standard formats.

Markzware presents high-quality file conversion, preflight, and preview solutions to print, publishing and graphic arts clients all over the world. Markzware’s ID Util for macOS is a stand-alone application that allows users to open the previewed file in the InDesign version in which the file was last saved.

Reveal what is in your Adobe InDesign INDD file, without opening it! Learn more, by watching this ID Util video:

Fast App to Preview InDesign, InCopy, or IDML Files: ID Util for macOS

Get a quick look at the content of your Adobe InDesign CS2 through InDesign CC 2015 files. If you do not have the InDesign program installed on the system that you happen to be using, you can still preview your INDD documents, via ID Util for macOS by Markzware.

Helpful Preview Features in ID Util’s Preview Window
Some of ID Util’s many features in the Preview Window can help you to preview your Adobe InDesign files:
• The center displays a preview of your selected file. Below the preview is info on the file page size of your InDesign or IDML file.
Zoom controls are at the bottom of the Preview Window. You can use the slider or click on one of the preset values to zoom in or out of the preview. There are also hot keys for the preset zoom values.
• The file name is at the top left of the Preview Window (so you know which file you are previewing.

How to Use ID Util for macOS
• Install Markzware’s ID Util.
• Select the InDesign, IDML, or InCopy file in Finder.
• To preview the selected file, click the spacebar.

If someone sends you an Adobe InDesign file, but you can’t access your InDesign program at the moment, ID Util for macOS can be a handy app for enabling preview capability. You can also select and copy, print or export your previews from the Preview Window.

“There’s simply no reason not to install ID Util!”
– Jamie McKee (, book designer & typesetter, U.S. university presses

Preview Window in Markzware‘s ID Util for macOS, a
Fast App to Preview InDesign, InCopy, or IDML Files:

Preview Window in Markzware's ID Util for macOS, a Fast App to Preview InDesign, InCopy, or IDML FilesGet a Quick Look Preview of InDesign Files
Need a fast way to find the particular file you are seeking, even if you don’t recall the file name? Using ID Util, you can preview your INDD document via the Finder window, with a simple tap of your spacebar. If you’d prefer to view thumbnail previews in your Finder window, you can turn on thumbnail previews in ID Util’s Preferences.

View InDesign Page Previews
You can preview Adobe InDesign, IDML, and InCopy files, without installing Adobe software on your system, by using Markzware‘s ID Util. With ID Util for macOS, you can even see the page print size and the file version (such as InDesign CC 2014).

Zoom InDesign Page Previews
When viewing a Document’s previews, you will see the Zoom Tools at the bottom of ID Util‘s Preview Window. Using the slider or zoom segments, you can zoom in and out. View the page in greater detail, by zooming in, or view thumbnail views of multiple pages, by zooming out.

View Batch Previews of InDesign Files
ID Util can preview more than a single file at a time. Using the drag and drop feature, you can drag several files at once and each file will be previewed in its own window. Using the File>Open menu item, you can Command-Click or Shift-Click to select multiple files to be previewed. Each file will be previewed in its own window.

Copy InDesign Previews to the Clipboard
You can click on a preview to highlight and select the preview. Press Command-C, to copy your selected preview to the Clipboard. Then, you can paste the preview graphic into other applications.

To Preview Your InDesign File, Drop It on ID Util’s Preview Window:
To Preview Your InDesign File, Drop It on ID Util's Preview WindowID Util for macOS Benefits
• is easy to use.
• lets you preview files from a range of Adobe InDesign, IDML and InCopy versions, including InDesign CS5, CS6, CC 2015, and more.
• allows freedom from the Cloud.
• is a free application.
• gives the option to output your InDesign previews as PNG, JPG or PDF.
displays the InDesign version in which the file was created.

Page layout designers often need to see which layout version is which. One fast way to tell your layouts apart is by using ID Util for macOS.

ID Util offers several features, including:
• Preview Adobe InDesign, IDML and InCopy files (CS2 through CC 2015).
• Export Previews as PNG, JPG or PDF.
• View styled stories from InDesign files.
• View previews of linked images.
• View a list of used fonts.
• View the document version (what version of InDesign was used to create the document).
• Print the document previews.
• If you have InDesign installed, you can resave the document with High Resolution previews of all pages.

See quick previews of your InDesign files! When you are working with multiple InDesign files, ID Util can help to make it easier to keep organized.

Markzware’s ID Util for macOS supports the following
Adobe InDesign, IDML, and InCopy versions:
• CC 2015
• CC 2014
• CC
• CS6
• CS5.5
• CS5
• CS4
• CS3
• CS2

Markzware ID Util logo 150x150Prepress and desktop publishing professionals can check multiple InDesign files, to compare text placement, image size, colors, font styles, and more. Recognize the InDesign documents that you’ve been editing, without opening files manually and without an InDesign installation process.

Download ID Util for macOS
You can download ID Util on the Mac App Store for free. See more solutions for Adobe, macOS, and more, on the Markzware Products page.

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Fast App to Preview InDesign, InCopy, or IDML Files: ID Util for macOS

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