Which Adobe InDesign Version Is My INDD File? ID Util macOS Shows You

Asking yourself ”Which Adobe InDesign version Is My INDD File?” Markzware ID Util for macOS shows you the InDesign version number, right on your screen:

Are you having trouble telling what the version number of your InDesign file is? There is an application for the Mac system that can display your InDesign file version, so that you will know which file you are viewing.

Markzware develops quality solutions with high-performance features that help InDesign and other DTP file users to optimize their workflows. Markzware’s ID Util for macOS is a stand-alone app that enables you to preview InDesign, InCopy and IDML file pages and more.

How do you know whether your InDesign file version is InDesign CS5, InDesign CS6, InDesign CC, or another version? Learn how to check InDesign document versions while using ID Util for macOS, by watching this demonstration video:

Which Adobe InDesign Version Is My INDD File?
ID Util macOS Shows You

Know the version of your InDesign files! You can preview InDesign files with Markzware’s ID Util for macOS, which displays the version of the file.

How to Use ID Util to Preview InDesign Files
• Install Markzware’s ID Util.
• Select the InDesign, IDML, or InCopy file in Finder.
• To preview the selected file, click the spacebar. (For thumbnail-sized previews, view your files in thumbnail view. To see more detail, zoom in. To see multiple pages at once, zoom out.)

Be sure to open InDesign files in the proper version. Markzware’s ID Util for macOS application displays the Adobe InDesign file version number at the top of the Preview Window.

Where can you see the InDesign file version within ID Util? In the Preview Window Title, you can see the file version listed, just after the document name.

Advantages of Using ID Util for macOS:
• is simple to operate.
supports file previews for a range of Adobe InDesign, IDML and InCopy versions.
does not require Adobe software installation on your system.
is free from the Mac App Store and does not cost anything to preview these files.
• lets you export InDesign previews.
• gives you fast version number access.

Which Adobe InDesign Version Is My INDD File?
ID Util macOS Shows You, at the Top of the Preview Window:

Which Adobe InDesign Version Is My File? ID Util for macOS Shows YouID Util provides helpful features, including:
Preview Adobe InDesign, IDML and InCopy files (CS2 through CC 2015).
View the document version (what version of InDesign was used to create the document).
Export Previews as PNG, JPG or PDF.
View styled stories from InDesign files.
• View previews of linked images.
• View a list of used fonts.
Print the document previews.
Resave the document with High Resolution previews of all pages (with InDesign installed).

Your file’s name is shown at the very top of ID Util’s Preview Window. Since the file version is displayed immediately after the file name, you will know which file you are previewing.

Do you have an IDML or InCopy file? In ID Util’s Preview Window Title, you can see the file name, which is followed by “IDML” or “InCopy”. These file types are labeled as such. So, you will not confuse them with your InDesign files that are neither IDML nor InCopy files.

InDesign Versions that ID Util for macOS Supports
• CC 2015
• CC 2014
• CC
• CS6
• CS5.5
• CS5
• CS4
• CS3
• CS2

Is your INDD document an earlier version than your newer InDesign application version? You may receive an error message, when you run Resave HD. The message lets you know that the file will be updated to a newer version of InDesign. This means that it will not open in the older version.

Example: After you selected “Resave HD” in ID Util, an error message appeared on your screen. The message said, “Warning – Document Version Differs from App Version”. Your InDesign CS5 document will be opened and resaved as an InDesign CC 2014 document (and no longer open in CS5). So, you may want to save backups of your files.

A Few ID Util Keyboard Shortcuts that May Be Useful
Show the ID Util Window: Command + Semicolon
Open a file for viewing: Command + O
Bring Up the Preference Window: Command + W

Markzware ID Util logo 150x150Get ID Util for macOS for Free
You can access ID Util on the Mac App Store and download it for free. See more Adobe compatible solutions for the macOS platform on the Markzware Products page.

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Which Adobe InDesign Version Is My INDD File? ID Util macOS Shows You

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