Adobe InDesign CS to QuarkXPress 2015 Data Conversion Software, ID2Q

Adobe InDesign CS to QuarkXPress 2015
Data Conversion Software, ID2Q

Markzware’s ID2Q Quark XTensions for file conversion include Adobe InDesign CS to QuarkXPress 2015 data conversion software:

Data conversion is helpful to many Adobe InDesign CS and QuarkXPress 2015 users, in a variety of organizations. Conversion software can put data into a user-friendly format that is better understood or accepted by the next user in the workflow.

Markzware has long-standing experience in developing Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress data conversion tools that enhance its portfolio of software solutions. Markzware’s ID2Q is a QuarkXPress XTension that can convert InDesign CS (INDD Creative Suite) files to QuarkXPress (QXP) 2015.

Missing Font Window in ID2Q, Data Conversion Software to
Convert Adobe InDesign CS to QuarkXPress 2015:

Markzware ID2Q for QuarkXPress Missing Font Window

ID2Q for QuarkXPress 2015 Benefits:

  • works great for file conversion and saves time on graphic arts projects
  • requires no other XTension, in order to get the InDesign file into QuarkXPress 2015
  • saves a tremendous amount of time and effort, compared to recreating entire documents from scratch

Data conversion allows you to get your data into the optimum file format for your workflow. ID2Q provides seamless file conversion with easy access to INDD content within a new QXP document.

How to Convert Adobe InDesign CS to QuarkXPress 2015, via Markzware ID2Q

1. Click “Markzware” in the QuarkXPress 2015 Menu Bar and select “Convert InDesign Document…
from the ID2Q fly-out menu.

2. Select the InDesign CS file to convert and click Open.
(A conversion progress bar appears. The InDesign file appears rebuilt in QuarkXPress.)

3. Save, close and reopen the new QuarkXPress file.

4. Remap any missing fonts or images via QuarkXPress.

5. Re-save the new QuarkXPress (QXP) document.

Markzware‘s ID2Q XTension will re-create the INDD document within a QXP document. The QXP document can be published to a variety of devices, via methods that support the QuarkXPress file format.


Conversion solutions can ease the process workload, enabling the workflow can become more efficient. ID2Q imports InDesign Creative Suite files from INDD into QuarkXPress QXP, so that you can help your organization to streamline production.

ID2Q’s features include:

  • easy installation and simple-to-use interface.
  • quick return on investment.
  • support for Adobe InDesign CS-CC 2015 files.

Doing a manual rebuild of an entire INDD document in a QXP document isn’t as productive as using Markzware‘s conversion tools. ID2Q can convert InDesign images, fonts, and more to versions of QuarkXPress.

ID2Q can convert InDesign to QuarkXPress, including such document details as:

  • images, layers, and tables.
  • blends, colors, and page positioning.
  • text attributes, runarounds, and linked text boxes.

Adobe InDesign CS to QuarkXPress 2015 Data Conversion Software, ID2Q

You can open Adobe INDD file within a new QXP document, using ID2Q. Check out how, in this demonstration video:

Video: ID2Q for QuarkXPress 2015 – InDesign to Quark

Markzware ID2Q Bundle New InDesign CC XTensions banner

Markzware’s ID2Q can help you with file conversion from
InDesign CS to QuarkXPress 2015, including graphics, colors, text, and more.

Data conversion is accurate and efficient with ID2Q. The conversion process is quick and trackable, to allow you to make the best use of your time.

To Buy ID2Q

To buy Markzware‘s InDesign to QuarkXPress XTension, please visit the ID2Q page. More data conversion software is available, via the Markzware Products page.

Did this conversion software help your DTP workflow to convert Adobe InDesign CS to QuarkXPress 2015? Please tell us about it, by commenting below. You can subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, and visit with Markzware on
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Adobe InDesign CS to QuarkXPress 2015 Data Conversion Software, ID2Q

Title: Adobe InDesign CS to QuarkXPress 2015 Data Conversion Software, ID2Q
Published on: November 17, 2015
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