InDesign to Quark Converter: Markzware ID2Q XTension

ID2Q, the InDesign to Quark converter from Markzware, can convert content from InDesign to Quark. This Quark XTension makes it fast and easy to convert Adobe InDesign CS2 to CS5.5 content into a new QuarkXPress 8 or 9 (QXP) document, in Mac or Windows.

You don’t have to create a new QuarkXPress document, just convert content from InDesign to Quark. View the ID2Q video demonstration to see how easy it is to convert InDesign to Quark.

InDesign to Quark Converter: Markzware ID2Q XTension

Convert InDesign to Quark with Markzware ID2Q

Markzware’s XTension, ID2Q, has a Conversion Options window for Text Attributes, Picture Previews, and Additional Options:

  • The Text Attributes settings convert text, text boxes, and paragraph attributes for all stories in the document, plus, if desired, can use Quark attributes while ignoring the InDesign attributes.
  • The Picture Previews settings can convert all image previews and picture boxes in the document, plus retain image links and create a template.
  • Additional Options are included for overflowed text boxes, linked text boxes, specified runaround items, and auto adjust tables.

Markzware ID2Q QuarkXPress 9 10 Mac Access ID2Q MenuWith the ID2Q Quark XTension, you can instantly convert content details of your InDesign document to re-create it within QuarkXPress. Select ‘Convert InDesign Document’ from the QuarkXPress Utilities menu to enable the file conversion. Markzware’s InDesign to Quark converter will convert InDesign items including:

  • page positioning
  • fonts and styles
  • images
  • text attributes
  • tables
  • layers
  • blends
  • runarounds
  • linked text boxes
  • anchor boxes
  • pantone colors and other color models

Get a quick return on the investment you have made in your content, while preserving your intellectual property investment. Save money when you convert InDesign content with Markzware ID2Q, the InDesign to Quark converter, available at the ID2Q page. More file conversion tools are on the Markzware Products page.

InDesign to Quark Converter: Markzware ID2Q XTension

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