InDesign Success, with Prestigious Graphic Designer, Glen Saville

Do you also want to have success, with your InDesign files? See below!

Seasoned graphic designers, from all across the globe, have benefitted greatly, from the “IDMarkz” application, by Markzware. With IDMarkz, graphic designers are able to modify their old InDesign work, on a whole new level.

By converting to QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, older InDesign versions, and many other options, IDMarkz brings the InDesign content back to life. It not only allows you to preview and export these forgotten InDesign files, but also to convert them, so that you can freshly edit, as you desire.

Experienced graphic designer, Glen Saville, has been in the industry for 30 years. Our European manager, David Dilling, sat down with Glen, to discuss how powerful and beneficial IDMarkz is, for a graphic designer of his caliber:

Watch: Graphic Designer reviews IDMarkz for InDesign export and preview – YouTube

“It’s a lifesaver, is what is,” says Glen, when asked by David, “What is IDMarkz?” Glen is an seasoned book designer. He even created the front cover for the 30th edition of the bestseller, Jaws, upon which the hit film was based. Long story short, he is an exceptionally successful graphic designer and a veteran in the business.

Glen goes on to explain that he was offered a job, which required access to older Adobe InDesign CC files. When attempting to go back into his vault and open the desired files, he was bombarded with error messages that reflected the inability to open his selected, aged files. I think we can all agree that this is a very inconvenient and frustrating issue to encounter.

“So I fired up IDMarkz and, within seconds, I was up and running,” explains Glen.

“It can go fast, for the designer, with a quick preview, export a png, if they need to, and they’re up and running very quickly,” Glen continues. He goes on, to praise IDMarkz, not only for its compatibility with older files but, most importantly, for its response time.

“I have a 2015 Macbook Pro, and it fires on that. So, I can imagine, on the new Macbook Pro, it’s going to run like lightning,” Glen states.

Glen is just one of the many graphic designers who have been extremely impressed with Markzware’s IDMarkz. Near the end of the interview video, which is available on YouTube with the title, “Graphic Designer reviews IDMarkz for InDesign export and preview,” Glen sums up the power of Markzware’s InDesign preview & conversion app, perfectly:

“This [IDMarkz] is ground-breaking; it’s one of those programs that is going to change people’s lives.”

Success with InDesign documents, for graphic designers, with IDMarkz … You can get the freebie (Preview only) version, here. Preview, export, and convert InDesign files, like graphic designer, Glen, did!

You heard it here, first, from Glen! Pull the trigger and download IDMarkz, today. You wont regret it.

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