How Can You Convert an InDesign CS4 or CS5 File to CS2?

Markzware has expertise in InDesignfile conversion and conversion tools. We are happy to help when a graphic designer needs to convert InDesign CS4, CS5 or other files:

Markzware File Recovery Service User, John Pollock of Design Asylum
John Pollock, principal at Design Asylum in Calgary, Alberta, Canada was in  a dilemma. Pollock, who is a graphic designer for close to 30 years, explains, “I have been around when the computer replaced the drafting board and type waxing machine. I have worked in various agencies, within an oil company as in-house designer and on my own with Design Asylum.

My expertise is in print work, primarily with small to medium size corporations and with some educational institutions’ logos, annual reports, ads, brochures, corporate identity. I design and produce all type of print and PDF material. Currently, I am on my own, though I do have a good network of designers, in case I need them.”

Here is the dilemma, “I use Quark primarily for page layouts. Yes, I know, get with the program, but I am so efficient and fast in Quark, so it is a no brainer for me to keep using it. I have InDesign CS2. A designer friend of mine had asked me to fill in on one of his on-going jobs, while he jetted off to France for a vacation. All his files were in InDesign CS5. I looked at purchasing the new CS5.5, but after doing some investigating, I discovered that Markzware could convert InDesign files for me and it would only cost $100. I’ve used Markzware before, converting a Pagemaker file to Quark some time ago. So, I made the decision to go with Markzware. My clients don’t care if I use Quark, InDesign or even Publisher (just joking). Why upgrade my InDesign, when Quark works very well for me?

So, I paid the $100 bucks and saved immediately. The new InDesign CS5.5 is about $275.  All I had to do is adjust the files in CS2 with very little difficulty. This saved me so much time, as I was under heavy client deadlines with working on these files, and though I know InDesign well enough, I didn’t want any confusion or learning curve going to the new InDesign CS5.5. What a great investment and great results, as I only had to tweak some of the line endings in CS2, which was quite an easy fix.”

If you need help to convert InDesign CS4 or CS5, Quark or Publisher files, please contact Markzware.
We will use our expertise in file conversion and conversion tools to help you. We have a file recovery service and a file conversion service. You may also buy conversion tools via the Markzware Products page.

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