Corrupted QuarkXPress File? Get MarkzTools QuarkXPress XTension

Having trouble with a QuarkXPress document after all the time and effort you put into it? Markzware enables publishers, graphic designers, and printers to preserve their QuarkXPress content with MarkzTools, a QuarkXPress XTension by Markzware that helps users to avoid a corrupted QuarkXPress file:

When sending a QuarkXPress document forward in the prepress workflow, you want to verify file integrity. With many changes possible in a creative project, a corrupted QuarkXPress file can happen. It would be a shame to work on a project for weeks without a file recovery solution, only to end up having to start all over from scratch. MarkzTools, a Quark XTension from Markzware, can help guard against a corrupt QuarkXPress file.
Markzware MarkzTools Conversion Options for Documents with LayoutsMarkzware MarkzTools will verify a saved QuarkXPress document and alert you if the QuarkXPress file integrity is shaky or in danger of showing a QuarkXPress error code. MarkzTools lets you save a document copy before saving the original, thus preventing potential problems while saving. Should the need arise to recover QuarkXPress text, the document copy can be used for the QuarkXPress file recovery.

MarkzTools helps reassure that your QuarkXPress file will allow you to be able to complete your project on time. Let Markzware help you to open QuarkXPress (QXP) documents and protect against a corrupted QuarkXPress file with MarkzTools.

Please tell us about your experience with MarkzTools and QuarkXPress in the comment section below. Markzware cares and wants to help QuarkXPress users to save QuarkXPress files, so share your story with us!

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