Down-Saving from QuarkXPress version 8 to v6 or even v4.11

Down-Saving from QuarkXPress version 8 to v6 or even v4.11

Down-saving from QuarkXPress 8 to a lower version can make things easier when handling QuarkXPress jobs for print or publishing. Markzware uses Quark XTension, MarkzTools, to down-save QuarkXPress and salvage Quark documents:

Video on Down-Saving QuarkXPress 8 to lower Versions
Markzware gets requests asking if MarkzTools 8 can assist in saving down a Quark Project to a .qxd 4 or version 6 type document. While it is hard to say exactly how many Quark 4.11 (QXD) users are out there, you may be surprised at how often we get these requests.

Markzware MarkzTools 8 to Down-Save QuarkXPress to v4

MarkzTools 8, long known for its ability to recover or fix bad file format can also verify or ensure document integrity and perform text extraction, among other things. Today, we look at the feature to export files to lower versions of QuarkXPress, such as v6. Here is a video of how it works:

If you would like more info on down-saving from QuarkXPress, please visit the Markzware web site.

Markzware MarkzTools Verifying QuarkXPress Project
Let Markzware use file conversion to help you salvage Quark documents. Down-save QuarkXPress to a lower version today with the Markzware File Conversion Service for QuarkXPress.

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