DTP Conversion Service for QuarkXPress, InDesign, Publisher plus Down-Save Service from InDesign CS5 to CS3

QuarkXPress, InDesign, PDF, Publisher, Illustrator File Conversion Service plus Down-Save from InDesign CC to CS3 and much more…

Markzware makes many excellent file conversion tools to convert InDesign, QuarkXPress, or PDF files.  Convert QuarkXPress, PDF or Publisher files into Adobe InDesign CC (Creative Cloud), CS6, CS5.5 and CS5 with:

These are great for many users, in addition to the preflight and desktop publishing products we offer. However, we have noticed many DTP conversion and down-saving requests, such as:

  • Can you down-save an InDesign CS6 or CC file to Adobe InDesign CS4 or CS3?
  • How do you get a PDF converted into InDesign?
  • Can you fix corrupt InDesign CS6, CC or crashing InDesign CC or lower documents?
  • Q2ID supports CS6, CS5.5 and CS5. I need to convert a Quark file to InDesign CS3, can you help?
  • ID2Q is great (or Q2ID), but I only need one file converted, do you have a service to convert one Quark file or convert one InDesign file?
  • Can you down-save a Project or two from QuarkXPress 8 to QuarkXPress 4.11 for my graphic designer?
  • Can you convert a file from Microsoft Publisher to Adobe InDesign CS6 (or CS5.5 or CS5)?
  • I have a corrupt QuarkXPress file and the file will not open or convert. Do you have a service to fix a bad file?
  • Down-Save Illustrator File from CS6 to CS4, or CS5.5 to CS3, etc

YES, Markzware can and we stand ready to assist you with our File Conversion Service.

Here is how we charge for the DTP File Conversion Service or DTP Layout Down-Saving Service:

$19€ per file**

* Further bulk discounts may be possible for one order with more than 10 (ten) documents that need InDesign, QuarkXPress, Publisher, Adobe Illustrator or PDF conversion or that need to be saved down.

** We only require the source layout. NO fonts or images, just the main DTP layout you need converted.

NOTE: For information on our service to recover QuarkXPress or InDesign layouts, please visit the Markzware File Recovery Service page.

To order file conversion service today, email to:
If you are interested, please email to us exactly which file conversion service you would like (see above list). Please also upload your file (as instructed in our reply email). Note: We ONLY need the native layout file itself; no fonts or images are required for this file conversion service for desktop publishing documents.

Alternatively, we also offer our PDF2DTP (PDF to InDesign or PDF to QuarkXPress). Markzware has been serving the printing, publishing and graphic design market for more than fifteen years and is glad to offer these extra conversion services, due to popular demand.

Title: DTP Conversion Service for QuarkXPress, InDesign, Publisher plus Down-Save Service from InDesign CS5 to CS3
Published on: November 2, 2010
David Dilling

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