How to Fix a Corrupt Adobe InDesign File

How to Fix a Corrupt Adobe InDesign File

See how to fix a corrupt Adobe InDesign file (INDD document). The Markzware File Recovery Service can help with corrupt InDesign. When this InDesign user needed InDesign recovery, the Markzware File Recovery Service helped him to recover InDesign:


“Markzware saved me a week of work with their
‘corrupt Adobe InDesign’ service.”
– Frederico Vieria, graphic designer

Frederico Vieria, a self-employed graphic designer and consultant, whose projects are producing books and brochures using Adobe InDesign, was surprised suddenly with a corrupt InDesign file. For a while, he was working on a project, when out of the blue, he had a corrupt InDesign file. This had never happened before, but then InDesign recovery was needed.

As an InDesign user, Vieria explains, “I was converting an Adobe InDesign file to PDF when suddenly the program crashed. I tried to restart, but it kept crashing as soon as the first page appeared – no recovery, either – and it just crashed again.

I tried all sorts of solutions such as cleaning preferences, trying other systems, and a cleaning recovery folder… I did a search on the Internet and discovered a video showing the conversion of Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress and back to Quark again, solving the problem.

That was how I discovered Markzware. The amount of time this service saved me was an entire week of work. Some of the styles and frame size changed, but it was something I would spend 3 hours fixing versus an entire week.

The turnaround was amazing! I contacted Markzware on a Saturday, and by Sunday, everything was resolved. I never did bother to contact Adobe, because I felt that they wouldn’t do anything to help me. Thanks, Markzware.”

Video: InDesign CC 2014 Error Code 5 – a FIX

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Markzware’s DTP File Recovery Service can
help to recover InDesign.

How to Fix a Corrupt Adobe InDesign File

Don’t know how to use InDesign file recovery to fix a corrupt Adobe InDesign file? Need a service to provide InDesign recovery, so you can recover InDesign? Check out the Markzware File Recovery Service for InDesign recovery and more.

How to Fix a Corrupt Adobe InDesign File

Title: How to Fix a Corrupt Adobe InDesign File
Published on: March 7, 2012
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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