MarkzTools2: Play a Sound at Adobe InDesign File Conversion Completion

Markzware’s MarkzTools2 conversion software can notify you that InDesign to IDML (or to older version InDesign) file conversion is complete:

MarkzTools2 Sound Options
MarkzTools2 users can choose from options for a sound to play upon completion of file conversion, from Adobe InDesign to IDML, or from InDesign to an older InDesign version. This way, professionals in the print, publishing and graphic arts industries can continuing producing, yet still get notification that the data conversion process has finished.

Select Sound to Play after File Conversion
To have a sound play after your document conversion is complete:
1. Under “After Conversion” in the MarkzTools2 window, click the “Play Sound” checkbox.
2. Right-click on “Play Sound”. (A popup menu will appear.) Select the sound you want to use from the popup menu.
Markzware MarkzTools2 select sound to play after conversionAdd a Custom Sound
If you want to add a custom sound to the list:
1. Create your custom sound, using a .aiff file or the like.
2. Place your custom .aiff file in the /System/Library/Sounds folder.
3. When you next right-click on “Play Sound”, your custom sound should be displayed the pop-up list of options. Sound options include such sounds as Basso, Blow, Bottle, Frog, Funk, Glass, Hero, Morse, Ping, Pop, Purr, Sosumi, Submarine, and Tink.

Markzware’s file conversion solutions support many global regions. MarkzTools2 is a stand-alone application that can convert InDesign documents into IDML files, without the need for InDesign. Here is a demonstration video:

MarkzTools2 for Adobe InDesign to IDML (or Older InDesign Version) File Conversion

Markzware’s MarkzTools2 application will not only convert your InDesign file, it will tell you when it is done converting, by playing a sound that alerts you.

MarkzTools2 Benefits provide:
• makes it easy to convert any version of InDesign to IDML (drag and drop on MarkzTools2’s main window).
• is faster and less expensive than manual document conversion.
• lets you keep, replace or rename the original IDML, plus the IDML generated by MarkzTools2.

When you navigate in the Open dialog, do you have a hard time finding the file, looking through the many Finder folders to get the name? With MarkzTools2, you can choose or create the folder in which to create the IDML!

MarkzTools2 Features allow you to:
• batch convert InDesign files into IDML files.
• display the version of a selected InDesign file.
• create low-resolution image previews, not just gray boxes.

An inferior IDML editing tool can be awkward to use and very expensive. Markzware‘s MarkzTools2 is user-friendly and an affordable way to convert InDesign file items, including:
• blends
• colors
• images
• layers
• linked text boxes
• page positioning
• runarounds
• tables
• text attributes

To Buy MarkzTools2 Today:
Markzware‘s low-cost MarkzTools 12 Month Bundle Subscription provides:
• MarkzTools2
• MarkzTools for InDesign CS6 Mac
• MarkzTools for InDesign CS5.5 Mac
• MarkzTools for InDesign CS5 Mac
• MarkzTools and MarkzTools2 updates
For more information, please visit the MarkzTools2 page.

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MarkzTools2: Play a Sound at Adobe InDesign File Conversion Completion

Title: MarkzTools2: Play a Sound at Adobe InDesign File Conversion Completion
Published on: August 4, 2016
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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