MarkzTools2 Preferences in Markzware InDesign to IDML Conversion Tools

MarkzTools2 Preferences in Markzware
InDesign to IDML Conversion Tools

A variety of options are available in the MarkzTools2 Preferences area of Markzware’s conversion tools for InDesign to IDML data conversion:

Users of Markzware’s INDD to IDML conversion software, MarkzTools2, can find the Preferences in the main window of MarkzTools2. You can customize your document conversion, to convert InDesign to InDesign Markup Language, by selecting from options within the MarkzTools2 Preferences.

Within MarkzTools2, Markzware provides four main Preferences sections that you can use for file conversion from IDML to Adobe InDesign. These sections include:

1. Create IDML in:
2. If IDML exists:
3. Create Lo-Res Previews:
4. After Conversion:

1. The Create IDML in: options allow you to choose the location in which MarkzTools2 will create your IDML files.

• With the Document Location option, your IDML files will be created in the same location as the original documents.
• If you choose the ~/Documents/MarkzTools2 folder option, your IDML files will be created in your Users folder, which is in your /Documents/MarkzTools2 folder.
• Selecting the Other option will allow you to click the Browse button and select the location for the creation of your IDML files.

Markzware MarkzTools2 Preferences option Create IDML in

2. The If IDML Exists: options let you choose whether to replace an existing IDML file or create a new version of the file.

• The Replace option will overwrite an existing IDML file of the same name (a file created by MarkzTools2, not by InDesign).
• The Rename option will create a new version of an IDML file of the same name and add a number to the end of the name, to make it easier for you to see the different versions. (If you enable the Rename option and convert the same InDesign file named “ABC” three times, you will create three IDML files named ABC.idml, ABC_1.idml and ABC_2.idml.

Markzware MarkzTools2 Preferences option If IDML Exists

3. When InDesign opens an IDML file which references an image that cannot be found, InDesign creates a gray tint box as an image “placeholder”. To enable MarkzTools2 to create preview files, you can select options in the Create Lo-Res Previews: section of the MarkzTools2 Preferences. These preview files will be stored in a sub-folder called “Lo-Res Previews”. This can make it easier for you to find these preview files and to update the links (for viewing what the original images looked like, etc.).

You can find a single preview and an InDesign feature can update all other links to the previews it finds in that folder. You can also do this by just moving the IDML file created by MarkzTools2 into the “Lo-Res Previews” folder, before you open it in InDesign.

The Lo-Res Previews that MarkzTools2 generates give you an idea of how the original file appeared and are not intended for high-quality print use. To help you better visualize how a document originally appeared, MarkzTools2 gives you Lo-Res Preview options on whether you would like Lo-Res Preview files to be created:

• The None option will not create any previews for the IDML file that MarkzTools2 creates.
• The For Missing Images Only option will only create lo-res previews for missing images that are used in the InDesign file.
• The For All Images option will create lo-res previews for all images used in the InDesign file.

Markzware MarkzTools2 Preferences option Create Lo-Res Previews

4. The After Conversion section allows you to select actions that MarkzTools2 can take after successful creation of the IDML file:

• The Play Sound option enables a sound to play upon successful file conversion. If you don’t set up a custom sound via the Play Sound options, your System Default sound will play upon successful file conversion.

• The Reveal in Finder option will highlight your IDML in the Finder window, after a successful conversion.

• The Open IDML in InDesign option will send your IDML file to InDesign and open it as a new, untitled document. If you have multiple versions of InDesign installed, your IDML file will open the latest InDesign version that you have installed.

• If the “Open IDML in InDesign” option is selected and InDesign is active at the time of the conversion, the Save Document option will prompt you to name the new document. (The IDML’s filename is the default and MarkzTools2 will offer the original InDesign file name as the default “Save As” name, rather than “Untitled”.)

Markzware MarkzTools2 Preferences option After Conversion

You can convert InDesign text, fonts, images and more to IDML, using MarkzTools2. See how, in this demonstration video:

Markzware InDesign to IDML Conversion Tools with MarkzTools2 Preferences

This video demonstrates how to convert Adobe InDesign files (INDD documents) to IDML files (InDesign Markup Language documents), using Markzware’s MarkzTools2 application. Select options in the Preferences to customize your file conversion.


You can buy this affordable, stand-alone application for fast InDesign to IDML conversion, today. Markzware‘s low-cost MarkzTools 12 Month Bundle Subscription provides:

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For more information, please visit the MarkzTools2 page.

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MarkzTools2 Preferences in Markzware InDesign to IDML Conversion Tools

Title: MarkzTools2 Preferences in Markzware InDesign to IDML Conversion Tools
Published on: May 17, 2016
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