Save Quark from Dreaded Bad File Format with MarkzTools XTension

Save Quark from Dreaded Bad File Format with MarkzTools XTension

Michael Shaw, President of MaUsE in Toronto Canada and Editor of MaUsE DoubleClick most recently reviewed Markzware‘s popular Quark XTension, MarkzTools, which can be used to rescue the dreaded bad file format regarding a corrupt QuarkXPress file. Please enjoy his review, which also mentions another Quark XTension by Markzware, PasteBoard. Read more

To lose a QuarkXPress (QXP) document is always a terrible thing. It can happen without any prior message from QuarkXPress. MarkzTools can verify the QuarkXPress document before you save Quark file formats. This helps prevent your QXP document from crashing.

QXP files may become corrupted during a save operation, while using QuarkXPress. Since MarkzTools can verify your saved Quark document, you can see if the file integrity is suspect. Furthermore, using a special temp file, MarkzTools can try to help you recover QuarkXPress text. (*Note, this special temp file is only available to MarkzTools behind the scenes and is not selectable by the user.)

So, if you have a bad file format in QuarkXPress, MarkzTools can pull you out of it, in a positive way! MarkzTools can prevent a corrupt QuarkXPress file. This Quark XTension can help you to overcome the dreaded bad file formats [70], [39], and [108]. In the case of a corrupt Quark file in which the page layout data cannot be salvaged, the Scavenge Text feature may extract text stories from a document file.

MarkzTools alerts you whenever you are about to save a lower version document to a higher version. It also makes QuarkXPress backwards compatible. So, you can open a higher version Quark document in a lower version. Let the Markzware File Recovery Service use MarkzTools for QuarkXPress to save QuarkXPress files for you.

Save Quark from Dreaded Bad File Format with MarkzTools XTension

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