Content Search and Extraction of Adobe InDesign: Markzware PageZephyr

Note: PageZephyr and PageZephyr Search have been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has ID Util, which can help you to view Adobe InDesign stories.

PageZephyr Search makes a content search in Adobe InDesign a breeze. Take control of your InDesign data with Markzware’s content search application:

Markzware uses advanced technology to develop PageZephyr Search, a content search application. This desktop search technology can search InDesign files (proprietary file formats). Liberate your content for eDiscovery!

Content Search for Adobe InDesign

Search InDesign files with PageZephyr Search.
Then create content to
publish InDesign.

With PageZephyr Search, you can examine text from Adobe InDesign files. This can help professionals who manage, locate and use large volumes of InDesign content. Businesses that can benefit include:

  • advertising
  • publishing
  • printing
  • manufacturing
  • finance
  • legal (e-discovery/e-forensics)
  • IT/information professionals
  • government agencies
  • print production firms

PageZephyr Search locates InDesign content in a proprietary file format without the original application. This can help to increase productivity, content production, and value of legacy content. This desktop search application helps lower costs and eliminate tedious processes. No need to rewrite or re-type content, scan documents, or create searchable PDFs.

Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Any All Search Criteria

PageZephyr Search allows a user to find content in any language through keywords or key phrases chosen by the user. It will also reveal the relevant documents and context to you, as well as highlight the found keywords or phrases. Select a story to view its text. Then, copy and paste to share, edit and market content.

Streamline your content strategy and content management to ensure relevant content. Access and capture content with content search, using PageZephyr Search. PageZephyr Search is available online at the PageZephyr Search page.

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Content Search Adobe InDesign with PageZephyr Search!

Title: Content Search and Extraction of Adobe InDesign: Markzware PageZephyr
Published on: July 2, 2012
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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