How to Search InDesign Creative Suite Files via PageZephyr Search Mac

Note: PageZephyr and PageZephyr Search have been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has ID Util, which can help you to view Adobe InDesign stories.

How to search InDesign Creative Suite files, using Markzware’s PageZephyr Search Mac:

Do you have Adobe InDesign CS files on your Macintosh hard drive? Just think of the possibilities of what you could do with the information in those INDD documents! You’ll want to equip yourself with a search product that can find that valuable content for you. Markzware’s content search application will search InDesign files to locate text that you can use for a high return on investment.

Markzware products enable desktop publishing (DTP) workflows to access content that you can use to create fresh content. You can then present your information to potential customers.

PageZephyr Search Mac is a simple content search tool from Markzware that allows people to find keywords. It can search all of your Adobe CS InDesign (INDD) documents, to find and display your specific keywords.

You can learn how to search InDesign CS documents for Adobe Creative Suite, with PageZephyr Search Mac. This demonstration video walks you through the content search steps:

How to Search InDesign Creative Suite Files via PageZephyr Search Mac

Markzware’s search solution, PageZephyr Search, can find text in InDesign CS through InDesign CC files.

Tip: Be creative, when you edit your found content. Write about your industry’s trends and interests, to create and publish content that can attract customers.

How to Content Search InDesign CS-CC with PageZephyr Search Mac:
Turn on Spotlight indexing for each volume to be searched.
Click the word “here” (in blue text) on the “Welcome to PageZephyr Search” window. Allow about a half hour for initial indexing.
In the upper left of the Search Parameter Area is the Any/All Popup. You can select either:
“Any” to return a result if any one of the search criteria is found, or
“All” to return a result for every search criteria listed.

You can search either:
• the InDesign file’s text content, or
• the InDesign filename.

You can then select an additional content specifier:
1. “begins with” means the filename, or a word in the text stream, begins with the specified characters.
2. “ends with” means the filename, or a word in the text stream, ends with the specified characters.
3. “matches” means the entire filename, or an entire word in the text stream, exactly matches the specified text.
4. “contains” means a filename, or an entire word in the text stream, contains the specified text. This is good for finding partial words or phrases.

In the PageZephyr Search text content entry area, type in the word or phrase you are seeking. For multiple search criteria, click the “+” button and add additional parameters to the search.

PageZephyr Search Mac will index your INDD documents. You can see a list of InDesign files relevant to your search and get fast access to content. This reduces costs associated with alternative search methods.

PageZephyr Search enables easy content search in Adobe InDesign (INDD) documents. It finds a word or phrase, based on a simple search field entry. It will also show the stories containing your search term and allows you to open the found document in InDesign.

Example of
How to Search InDesign Creative Suite Files, with
PageZephyr Search Mac:

Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Example 5PageZephyr Search allows you to extract INDD content that it finds. You can copy and paste text from the related InDesign files, which show the found text, highlighted within context.

PageZephyr Search Mac can:

  • read InDesign CS through InDesign CC files (InDesign v3-v9), whether created on a Mac or Windows computer.
  • archive old and new InDesign files.
  • search text content of archived InDesign files for specific words (customer name, product name, keyword, etc.)
  • copy text content out of an InDesign file for pasting and editing.
  • search an InDesign file archive for a specific word, open the InDesign file (with InDesign installed) and be taken to the found word.

pagezephyr-search-logoPageZephyr Search allows you to search for words or phrases in an InDesign file, with or without the native program. With the appropriate InDesign version, users can open the found documents in InDesign.

Purchase PageZephyr Search Mac
Search InDesign CS or InDesign CC files on the Macintosh. For more information on Markzware’s content search application, please visit the PageZephyr Search page. More desktop publishing (DTP) software for creative professionals is available, via the Markzware Products page.

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How to Search InDesign Creative Suite Files via PageZephyr Search Mac

Title: How to Search InDesign Creative Suite Files via PageZephyr Search Mac
Published on: July 17, 2015
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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