HTML WordPress Blog Publishing Software – Convert to HTML from InDesign

HTML WordPress Blog Publishing Software – Convert to HTML from InDesign

PageZephyr Search is a content search application to find content in files created with Adobe InDesign publishing software. This Markzware app can search InDesign (INDD) documents to find useful content. You can copy and paste this content, and then, export InDesign to HTML, as you normally would. Use found content to create InDesign stories for your WordPress blog pages:

Search InDesign Files Spotlight with Markzware PageZephyr Search

PageZephyr Search enables you to search InDesign files for content. Find specific information within Adobe InDesign via keywords. Use the information to create content for an HTML WordPress blog. Export InDesign to HTML, to the Internet. Want to get print content that is locked in InDesign, convert to HTML, and put it on your HTML WordPress blog pages online? Now, you can.

Content search application, PageZephyr Search, unlike any other publishing software, can read Adobe InDesign files (DTP file formats). It allows you to search and find INDD text, so you can use it for content creation. Once, you have your story, export InDesign right up to your HTML WordPress blog – like converting InDesign to WordPress!

PageZephyr Search makes it quick and easy to find relevant InDesign text. Write stories using this text. Then, get your file content up to a WordPress blog or HTML blog. InDesign to HTML has never been easier.

PageZephyr Search allows you to take many INDD files at one time and search them. Copy and paste to combine text. Then, upload InDesign to HTML, like to your own personalized WordPress blog! This content search application also supports older versions of Adobe InDesign files.

Find content that you can use to export InDesign to HTML WordPress blogs. Check out how to search InDesign via PageZephyr Search, as shown in the following video:

Video: InDesign Search

Markzware PageZephyr v3 Posting to WordPress Account Part 1

(Click on the image above, to watch the video.)

Now you can re-purpose and recycle content that’s already been created and publish InDesign. PageZephyr Search is invaluable for content creators, especially those interested in monetizing their content. Search InDesign, find text, and create stories, so that you can export InDesign to WordPress!

Markzware offers trusted software for creatives and other content creators to preview, preflight, export, and to convert PDF and desktop publishing documents. Become a Markzware Reseller or a Markzware Affiliate. To get the latest news about Markzware products and print industry-related news, join our mailing list. You can also follow Markzware on XLinkedInYouTubeFacebook, and other social media websites.

HTML WordPress Blog Publishing Software – Convert to HTML from InDesign

Title: HTML WordPress Blog Publishing Software – Convert to HTML from InDesign
Published on: June 21, 2010
David Dilling

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