O2O and Print: The Groupon Effect

O2O and Print:
The Groupon Effect

With reports that Google has bid on Groupon, there is more reason than ever to look at Online2Offline commerce and your Printing Business.

Online2Offline, or O2O, is a new, emerging field with content search needs, which Markzware‘s PageZephyr Search desktop search engine can handle. There is perhaps a huge opportunity in this area. Like B2B (Business2Business), O2O is a product of online communities like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and TechCrunch, as a recent article described it:

The key to O2O is that it finds consumers online and brings them into real-world stores. It is a combination of payment model and foot traffic generator for merchants (as well as a “discovery” mechanism for consumers) that creates offline purchases. It is inherently measurable, since every transaction (or reservation, for things like OpenTable) happens online.

Source: Why Online2Offline Commerce Is A Trillion Dollar Opportunity

Is Online2Offline a trillion dollar opportunity? I think it is fair to say every printer or graphic designer wants a piece of that pie. Online-to-offline commerce is certainly something printers can benefit and lead. PageZephyr Search can help with online-to-offline publishing. Not only can a print-shop use tools like Groupon (LOVE that name and I guess Google did too – they are rumored to have bid on it!), but they can also offer services to help their customers use these communities and  tools, as well.

Groupon is an example of O2O (Online to Offline commerce)

PageZephyr Search, Groupon and Print Printers,
Markzware’s content search application, PageZephyr Search,
can help you find content in
INDD files for your O2O and print needs!

Content and content search can be a corporation’s most valued assets. Corporations struggle with managing a voluminous amount of data. The data can be spread across several computers throughout an organization. Those documents can be in many file formats that are no longer supported. PageZephyr Search liberates the content inside those file types, empowering users to finally access and utilize the data they own. If your hard-drive contains INDD files, PageZephyr Search can search InDesign and find them for you. You won’t receive the “Search complete, no files found” or ‘cannot open – filename.indd’ errors.

How to Search InDesign with a Content Search Application

PageZephyr Search. Search Your Adobe InDesign Files.

PageZephyr Search can search InDesign CS through InDesign CC.
Click the image above, to watch the video.

You can build or modify your valuable content for the goods or services you offer. Then, you can distribute and market your content search on the internet. After search engines index the content, more people can find your stuff, which just might result in more sales.

Over years, millions of documents may be created within a business. Additionally, content creators come and go. Time may be wasted by trying to recreate or search content, whenever a valuable employee leaves and the document cannot be found.

You can help guard against the risk of losing valuable content within INDD proprietary file formats, which can now be located and reused. PageZephyr Search can search InDesign to find your chosen keywords, highlighting them and displaying them within context. You can then copy and paste for editing.

Highlighted Keywords Displayed by PageZephyr Search

Markzware PageZephyr Search Mac Right-Clicking highlighted word or phrase

Markzware’s content search application finds INDD text for content creation

PageZephyr Search can search InDesign CS through InDesign CC files for Mac. You can buy this content search application as a perpetual license model at the PageZephyr Search page. See more desktop publishing software (DTP solutions) on the Markzware Products page. Has content search application, PageZephyr Search, helped your digital workflow to search InDesign files? Please comment below to let us know. Also, feel free to subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List. Follow Markzware on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and Google+.

O2O, Print and the Groupon Effect: Search InDesign with Markzware’s content search application!

Title: O2O and Print: The Groupon Effect
Published on: January 7, 2011
David Dilling

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