PageZephyr ROI Bonus: Search, Dearchive, Index, Improve ROI

Note: PageZephyr and PageZephyr Search have been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has ID Util, which can help you to view Adobe InDesign stories.

Markzware PageZephyr user, Jeff Kew, prepress workflow, Fireboy Creative Inc.

“PageZephyr has been a huge
help in improving efficiencies…
It’s paid off for itself many times over…”
– Jeff Kew, prepress workflow,
Fireboy Creative, Inc.

“My initial reaction to PageZephyr was one of excitement,” according to Jeff Kew, Fireboy Creative Inc., in Vancouver, BC. Canada, where he establishes workflow and prepress of files. Kew is also the founder and chapter representative of the Vancouver InDesign Group.

When Markzware sat down with Kew, we wanted to know his first impressions of the newest addition to the Markzware Products line. PageZephyr, a content search application, provides the full power to search InDesign files for specific text. PageZephyr can dearchive and index INDD documents, as well as locate InDesign text during and after prepress. This allows users to reuse content and improve ROI (return on investment). It’s a great technology to search INDD documents in archives. It can do this even if someone created the file years ago and needs to do something with it now. It’s old content that can be the basis for new content.

At first, when Kew gave it a try, he didn’t realize he was working with a v1.0 application. Kew explained, “However, my needs from PageZephyr were more than the programmers had considered in their initial release. I was indexing over 10,000 files across terabytes of drives. I quickly discovered what an amazing support team Markzware has. I was able to speak with the actual developers and they worked with me to resolve my issues. They even sent me updates directly to use. Within weeks of my input, PageZephyr v2.0 was released and it is a very functional product.

Dearchive (aka reinstate archived files) or locate InDesign copy with PageZephyr
Kew, whose work is mostly in the area of print-based advertising, is asked to dearchive (reinstate archived files), to retrieve jobs based on the headline used, or to locate InDesign copy for reuse in other documents. “PageZephyr has been a huge help in improving efficiencies in dearchiving and job searches. It’s paid off for itself many times over since I started working with it.

An unforeseen ROI
So, where does the ROI come into play in Kew’s use of this desktop search application? Kew shares this, “An unforeseen ROI has been that the ‘suits’ can also search text and locate InDesign copy, etc., from other jobs for use in their proposals, even though they don’t have InDesign on their computers. Again, another opportunity to improve efficiencies.” Kew continues to explain, “when using PageZephyr on my laptop with only a few hundred files, it was super quick and efficient. When connected to my network systems and searching through thousands of files, it is equally quick. However, to be warned, the initial setup of your PageZephyr can take awhile, so I suggest you let it index files at the end of the day. This is no different from Spotlight, too.”

PageZephyr Search Mac can search InDesign CC and InDesign CS files on Mac storage volumes and locate InDesign text in the indexed files. This enables you to reuse content, as well as to save time and money, when you need to locate InDesign text or dearchive and index files. So, remember to use PageZephyr to search InDesign files, and improve ROI today.

What are your thoughts
Do you have a need to search INDD documents for text in prepress DTP documents or legacy files?  Do you wish to see other files added, and if so, which ones?

Do you want to be able to copy and paste text from INDD file formats, without the need to have the original application?

We would love to hear your comments, questions, and feedback.

PageZephyr ROI Bonus: Search, Dearchive, Index, Improve ROI

Title: PageZephyr ROI Bonus: Search, Dearchive, Index, Improve ROI
Published on: June 1, 2010
Mary Marchese

Public Relations at Markzware

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