Batch Converting PDF Files to InDesign with Markzware PDF2DTP

Batch Converting PDF to InDesign

The need for speed and top-quality PDF conversion…

Need a way of batch converting PDF files into Adobe InDesign? PDF to InDesign with Markzware‘s PDF2DTP InDesign plugin allows batch conversion. Watch this video tutorial on how to batch convert PDF to InDesign CS6 in Adobe Creative Suite INDD with data conversion software:

Batch Converting PDF to InDesign

Markzware PDF2DTP can batch convert PDF to InDesign CS6

Alright, so, here I have a whole folder full of print PDFs. I got these from a customer, in this little demonstration here. Let’s pretend that, and I need to get these all into InDesign, re-designed. So, it would take me forever to recreate all this, and I couldn’t even edit it all in Acrobat with a PDF editor. It would just take way too long and be way too dangerous. There are too many design changes that need to be done. I need to have this back in InDesign. Is batch converting PDF to InDesign files even possible? How can I do that quickly when we open up the PDFs? We have full-on PDFs and these DTP files I want to get right back into InDesign.

We at Markzware have a tool to do that, called PDF2DTP for InDesign or QuarkXPress. Up top in Adobe InDesign CS6 in this case, you’ll see the Markzware menu item. You can choose, amongst our other products, PDF2DTP, and Convert PDF file. Now, what’s neat about this is you can choose, not only one file, but, with holding down the Shift key or the Command key to select individual, you can select multiple PDF files. Then, when you click Open, it’ll open all those PDF files, actually convert them into InDesign DTP layouts that I can edit and design in further. Batch converting PDF to InDesign is a breeze!

Watch. One after the other, here a 22-page DTP print document. Actually, this is a PowerPoint file made to a PDF and now batch converting into InDesign. So, actually, it’s really a PowerPoint to InDesign via PDF. It’s a way to get Word files via PDF into InDesign. It’s a way to get all kinds of files, whatever they are, if you have a PDF of it, it’ll convert back into InDesign and your familiar desktop publishing (DTP) environment. Extremely handy!

Many of you know Markzware for our pre-flight application, FlightCheck, or our other conversion tools, like Q2ID for QuarkXPress to InDesign, or even ID2Q for InDesign to QuarkXPress. This new PDF2DTP is very exciting, because it can convert PDF files and native Adobe Illustrator files right back into a native desktop publishing environment, for instance, in this case, InDesign, where you can further work with the file.

PDF2DTP is also available to convert PDF to QuarkXPress. Alright, now we see InDesign brings up the font warning. We’ll say Done. Now, we see that file. Now, we see this file. Now, we see this file. Now, we see this file, and now we see this file. All once PDF files, now right up into InDesign via Markzware’s PDF2DTP. Now, some things will need some touching up, because all PDFs are not created the same way, and all source applications don’t have the same, you know, compatibility, as available in InDesign. So, you can see we can get everything over, really nice. Look how nice that is.

And now, to go in and edit, I can just go in here and edit anything I want. So, perhaps, now it’s, instead of 70, it’s 75, or 79%. The top ten preflight problems. So, you see, you can change everything around, just like you would in a normal desktop publishing environment. These are now InDesign files. So, folks, that’s the quick tip of the day: how to convert a batch of PDF files right into InDesign with one click with Markzware’s PDF2DTP. Batch converting PDF files into InDesign!

For more information on Markzware’s PDF2DTP, cruise on over to today and, under Products, choose PDF2DTP. There, you can see a full, in-depth video demonstration on PDF2DTP and get more details on how this program will help you migrate PDFs right back into QuarkXPress or, as, in this case, you saw, Adobe InDesign. Thank you very much. David Dilling from Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day!

Note: Conversion software, PDF2DTP, is available via the PDF2DTP page.

Batch Convert PDF to InDesign files with Markzware PDF2DTP!

Title: Batch Converting PDF Files to InDesign with Markzware PDF2DTP
Published on: March 4, 2013
David Dilling

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