PDF in InDesign or Acrobat?

PDF in InDesign (not Acrobat), with PDF2DTP

PDF in InDesign (Not Acrobat) with PDF2DTP

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PDF2DTP for InDesign Overview

  • Edit PDFs of any sort in Adobe InDesign for desktop publishing (DTP)
  • Convert PDF to InDesign (any PDF), with a single click
  • Fix corrupt InDesign (INDD) files where all you have is the PDF left
  • Open PDFs for which you lost the source layout or document file
  • Extract images from PDF files. Yes, PDF2DTP does that, as well!


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Need further convincing? See these PDF2DTP Customer Testimonials

PDF2DTP vs PitStop
View the original post…

PDF2DTP is fantastic!
“A customer sent in… a complex PDF with a large table they wanted incorporated into a larger InDesign layout I was working on for them… I was thinking I could take it into Acrobat, but wait a minute, I just got the Markzware plugin (PDF2DTP)… It (the PDF2DTP conversion) was almost perfect, I wept with joy…”
Watch the full video…
Claudia McCue, author of “Real World Print Production” and Adobe InDesign ACE trainer

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PDF2DTP Convert PDF to InDesign Demo Video

Convert PDF file to InDesign file

“Hi. After seeing this video, I purchased this product. I have immediately noticed the great accuracy of font size, placement and justification, as compared to the original… I am very impressed with how well this product works! Thanks. This will save me days and days of work!!!”
Grant de Jongh

Really pleased to have this product [PDF2DTP for InDesign].  The Beta version was really good and saved me loads of hassle with amends to pdfs.”

It’s a great product.  I have to re-artwork a fair few pdfs from Europe, where they have been originated in Publisher or Corel. But supply me with high-res pdfs, and I use InDesign. So, this product solves the problem of amends and changes – love it.
Graham Bell

“PDF2DTP really will be a game-changer.”
Glen Saville, a book designer in the UK

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Printing experts, Frank Romano, Joe Marin and Michael Jahn on PDF2DTP

‪Frank Romano on PDF Editing within Adobe InDesign‬

‪‪Joe Marin of Printing Industries of America on PDF2DTP‬
‪Michael Jahn on PDF to InDesign‬

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PDF in InDesign (not Acrobat), with PDF2DTP from Markzware!

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