PDF to QuarkXPress Data Conversion Solution PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9

Markzware understands the PDF format and can attest that once a file is created to PDF, it is much more difficult to get it back again into the native layout design, regarding data conversion:

Data conversion is not always as easy as it appears. This is one reason that a Markzware data conversion solution for QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Publisher is so popular – easy, accurate data conversion.

It has long been possible to convert a QuarkXPress document to PDF. If the QuarkXPress document is set up correctly, then text, links, and images appear as expected in the PDF; but what if you want to convert PDF to QuarkXPress?

You can convert a PDF file to QuarkXPress with PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9 from Markzware. Here is a video on how to open PDF in QuarkXPress, using PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress:

PDF to QuarkXPress Data Conversion Solution: PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress

Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9 can
convert PDF file to QuarkXPress so users can edit PDF in InDesign

To convert PDF to QuarkXPress is now simple with Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9. People looking for a simple, push-button way to get the contents of a PDF file into a QuarkXPress file can now do so.

PDF2DTP can help users to convert layout documents with content more complex than mere paragraphs. Data conversion solution PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9 maintains the PDF document’s structure, page objects, and document layout.
Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress Document Settings Preferences
If you need a PDF to QuarkXPress data conversion solution, you can buy Quark XTension, PDF2DTP, via the PDF2DTP page. Feel free to visit Markzware online and check out this helpful data conversion tool.

PDF to QuarkXPress data conversion solution: Markzware PDF2DTP for QuarkXPress 9 to edit PDF in QuarkXPress! 

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