PDF2DTP for InDesign CS6 Installation and Activation Mac or Win Video

PDF2DTP for InDesign CS6 installation and activation on Mac video and steps for the InDesign CS6 plugin from Markzware to convert PDF to InDesign CS6 plugin from Markzware:

PDF2DTP for InDesign CS6 Mac Win: Installation and Activation to Convert PDF File to INDD

PDF2DTP for InDesign CS6 Installation and Activation for Mac

How to install Markzware‘s PDF2DTP for CS6 on the Macintosh. You will have received an… likely, an email from our online store, Avangate, who represents Markzware, or from one of our local resellers around the world. It’ll look pretty much something like this. You’ll get the product name, for which version of CS.

This installation and activation video also applies for our CS5.5 and our CS5 versions, as well. You’ll get your license for registering later and you’ll get your download link. This link is your unique download URL. You should save this. This is the only place updaters and fixes will be posted to. You should download, every once in a while, a new version to make sure you have the latest and greatest from Markzware.

You should now click on this link, and we’ll show you how to install and activate from there. Alright, so that URL leads you to the End User License Agreement. You should, of course, read and understand this, and when you’re fine with it, You hit I Agree, and the download button becomes possible to click. Well, you click there, of course, and it starts to download, in Safari, up here in the upper right hand corner. Alright, so when that’s done downloading, you go and go into the folder, We go in there. Now, we go further with installation.

Alright, so here is the folder. I made the icons a bit more visible here. And you see one folder, View Files, and in there, you’ll get the actual installer, the little application, which will run in a moment. You’ll get the actual plug-in, and you’ll get some other very important files. Do not move these. Let these be as so. It’s important, when you download, to make sure that all parts of the package we just downloaded decompress. Some modern decompression tools only decompress the outer shell and not the inner files. So, make sure everything is decompressed. Very important for installation. Otherwise, it might fail. Alright. So, it’s quite simple.

If the download goes fine, and the decompression of everything goes fine, you then simply go set up CS6. Double click it. The same applies for CS5.5 or CS5. It’s very important to note that Markzware’s PDF2DTP is CS specific, so you need to order it exactly for the CS version you have, as well as platform specific, Macintosh or Windows. We’re on the Macintosh here, however, the same, or very similar, applies on Windows. Alright.

So, on the Macintosh, you get this little warning. You click Open. And down below, in your Dock here, there’ll be a bouncing icon from the installer. Go down there and click on that, and then this will pop up, and then you can see it says PDF2DTP Setup – Markzware Welcome to PDF2DTP for Adobe InDesign CS6! Please choose one of the buttons below to continue. Well, of course, we’re not here to remove, we’re here to install. We click Install.

We then are prompted with… to choose which version of Adobe InDesign. CS6. Choose the Application folder. Sort by name, and we see, very quickly, Adobe InDesign CS6, amongst a host of other Adobe Creative Suite products we have here. We click Choose. So, we don’t go inside of it. No. We just go and choose the actual folder here. Make sure that your InDesign folder has everything more or less like this. Most importantly, the Adobe InDesign CS6 application must be in the Adobe InDesign CS6 Application folder, as it, standard, is. Some people might, you know, move this around, so, very important. You just choose that folder. You hit Choose. You have to, you know, put in your Password, which I’ll do here.

Okay, and it says right there, PDF2DTP Installation Complete. Thank you for using Markzware for your Content Solution provider! So, we click Finish, and that’s that. Well, at least almost that’s that. The next step is also quite simple. You simply launch InDesign CS6. you should have CS6 not running when you’re activating or installing. You should make sure that CS6 or CS5.5, if that’s your version, or CS5, that they’re on the latest free update from Adobe. And you should make sure that your Macintosh OS is also on the latest update.

The system requirements require Macintosh OS X 10.6 or higher for PDF2DTP for Adobe InDesign and the same applies for our [PDF2DTP for] QuarkXPress version. Alright. Now, let’s go further with… and, of course, just a note here. The same applies with the installer. You would choose your QuarkXPress folder and make sure everything’s in order, just like that.

Okay, so let’s go further now with activating the product within InDesign. Alright. Let’s go down in our Dock and open up InDesign CS6, in this case. The same would apply with all of our CS versions for PDF2DTP (PDF to InDesign). and, for that matter, Quark versions, as well. And what you’ll see at a certain moment here is that the splash screen pops up, but then, behind that, also pops up the Activation screen. Here you go. Thank you for your purchase. Attempting to activate application… Sometimes, our server might be slightly overloaded or busy. So, you just have to wait, sometimes, a few minutes or seconds, and maybe even, sometimes, restart your InDesign, but, once that process is done, it’ll say it’s activated here and then we can hit Close.

The next step is purely optional. I’m not going to show you what’s down here, because this is the unique code that you need for registering, that, along with your unique download URL you should save. You fill out the information here and you go through, and I don’t have to do that all right now, but you get the picture. And then down below in the right, you hit Submit, and it’s that easy to register.

To use the product, whether you’re activated or not… So, you see the screen in the beginning said still trying to activate. So, we’re going to have to try again in a minute. But you see, you see up here under the up top in InDesign, you’ll see the Markzware menu item and you’ll see that we can now use PDF2DTP. Convert PDF or check out our advanced set of Preferences.

We have other videos going over best practices for setting up your Preferences and for converting files, out of the box, Convert PDF, you choose a PDF, and you click Open, and Markzware will take any PDF, this happens to be one from PowerPoint, it can be from Word, it can be an InDesign PDF, a Quark PDF, it doesn’t really matter where the PDF comes from, all that matters is, if it comes from a layout application, it’s going to convert everything over quite nicely, with all stylization, text, fonts, colors, you name it, charts… Look at this nice chart that came over here in a great conversion, right on into our native layout application.

If your installation or activation fails, or you’re having other problems, please go to our web page, markzware.com and under the Support section, Get Product Support. Please use this form for any support questions, on your operating system, versions, etc. And you would click on PDF2DTP, in this case, and you would fill out this handy little form here. Please fill out all information. And you can put a description, you can even attach a file, if a PDF is, you think, the problem, in this case. If you have a PDF that converts strangely, the Quark, InDesign, Word, PowerPoint, whatever it might be.

Now, one thing we ask for is the version of your PDF2DTP. Well, how do you know what the version of the product is? Well, we’ll show you now on the Macintosh and you do that very similar on the Windows. You go back into your installer. You go into View Files, into Plugins, and there, you can do, on the Macintosh, a Command-I, or a File > Get Info, and there, you can see the version of your PDF2DTP. In this case, we see it’s a v1.972 that you could fill in the form, so we could help you further with any potential problems.

Now, you see, just literally, right afterwards, restart in InDesign. So, sometimes, for some reason, on the first restart of InDesign, it doesn’t see the server, or has problems, not all the time. Most of the time it works, but, sometimes, you have to restart InDesign again, and then you see, now, the “Activation process is now complete, you product is ready to use.” So, it’s that easy. Once again, your product will still work, if it’s not even activated, for up to a year; however, it’s much better that you activate your product and it’s just, you know, ready to go, right away out of the box.

So, that’s how you can install and activate Markzware’s PDF2DTP, in this case, for InDesign, and very similar for QuarkXPress applies. PDF2DTP is a fantastic way to edit PDFs within your familiar desktop publishing environments, such as Adobe InDesign CS6 or CS5.5 or CS5. Over on our web page, we have a lot of information and resources, so please feel free to check it out. There also is that PDF2DTP Troubleshooting section, and there, you can get some of our most commonly-asked questions and the answers for those This is David Dilling from Markzware, thanking you for your time. Have a pleasant day!

Markzware PDF2DTP for Adobe InDesign Menu
PDF2DTP for InDesign to Convert PDF File to InDesign


Title: PDF2DTP for InDesign CS6 Installation and Activation Mac or Win Video
Published on: November 2, 2012
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