DesignPad to InDesign

DesignPad to InDesign

Quark DesignPad to Adobe InDesign

Quark DesignPad v1.5 is a nifty layout app, based on grid design, for the Apple iPad. It is a fast, efficient way to make professional, but relatively simple desktop publishing layouts on the go, with your tablet, in this case an iPad, There are many export or output options in the new DesignPad v1.5, which include going to a QuarkXPress project or PDF. It is the latter, the DesignPad PDF, which helps in our aim for this video demonstration in getting Quark Design Pad layouts into Adobe InDesign CS6, CS5.5 or CS5! Quark DesignPad to InDesign!

DesignPad to InDesign

DesignPad to InDesign – NEW iPad layout app Quark DesignPad v1.5

Quark DesignPad to InDesign… So, I was just reading about the new updated Quark DesignPad on iTunes, PDF output, and the Dropbox support. Particularly, PDF output interests me. Here’s Quark DesignPad. I’ll even do Brochure, just to keep it kind of cool. I want to add a picture in here. Although it doesn’t feel like Spring here, I’ll get that image in there. Okay? A nice stock image, but maybe down here, I want to go into my Camera Roll. There, now we’ve got a nice little image in there. You can also change the box shape, if you want to, and change the frame. I’ll change it to that. Alright, then you can add text. Then, you go in and then you click Done, and now we see it up top.
Markzware PDF2DTP for Quark DesignPad to InDesign
You can, of course, adjust it as you like. Now, I’m not going to worry too much about the other text right now, because it’s just… and up top there, you click the little button here. We’re next to done, and you have all different sorts of output options: Print, Save to Camera Roll, also quite handy. You can Email PNG File or Email PDF. So, a lot of neat options here for designing little layouts on the go, so to speak. If you’re in the train or traveling, you can make little publications.

Alright, so, let’s now Email PDF File. Now, we get an option. Let’s go ahead and do that. Alright, that was easy. And now when we click Email PDF File, you’ll see the email pops up within, right within our mail. So, I’m going to send this off here, and let’s see what we get on the other side. Alright, so you see here we get a nice little email in. Here’s the design we made in PDF. See all of our text. So, I can take this now and drag it on my desktop here. Let’s get rid of the email. The PDF. Let’s see what happens when we just open it up in Preview. Oh, there we have it. It looks just like we designed. See the text there, etc.

Okay, now, how can we get, then, Quark DesignPad to InDesign? Now, it might seem a little bit strange, you know, coming from a Quark product to say, well, let’s try to get it into InDesign; but the fact is Quark DesignPad is loved by many designers. It’s the only layout tool available, really, only real feature-rich layout tool available on the iPad or a tablet. So, this is a great way, Quark DesignPad right into InDesign CS6.

I mean, let’s drop this on FlightCheck and see what that tells us, first. FlightCheck will preflight more than fifty file formats, including native Quark and InDesign files, but also will check or postflight PDF files for PDF/X compliancy issues that may or may not be a problem for you. And you see the producer is an “iPhone OS 6.1.2 Quartz PDFContext”. Very interesting!

Open up InDesign CS6, in this case, and in InDesign CS6, you’ll see a Markzware menu item up top, in the upper right-hand corner. There you’ll find many of our products, including Quark to InDesign (Q2ID), but also our new PDF2DTP. You see it up here in the Markzware menu item, and PDF2DTP is available for Quark or InDesign. So, we could effectively get this Quark DesignPad via the PDF back into Quark, but the problem is many designers who are using or tinkering with DesignPad on the iPad, or even the iPhone, will want to get this content into InDesign, because that’s what they use at work, or at school, or what not, and this is a great way to do that with Markzware‘s PDF2DTP.

Quark DesignPad to InDesign via PDF. You just go Convert PDF and select the PDF that you want to convert. Here, we see it. We click Open and it’s that easy to get Quark DesignPad layouts right into Adobe InDesign CS6 via PDF. There it is, converting. This was a test for me, too. I did it live on the fly here. And what you see right away is that the image came over with the frame, exactly as we adjusted it to. The image looks good. There it is, and you see we can move it around. This is now a fully new layout in Adobe InDesign CS6 that was, just moments ago, on Quark DesignPad on our iPad. We’ve freed up that content, which is Markzware‘s philosophy, for years and years. This is how we were brought into this business, was freeing up content, so you can use it where you need to use it. It’s your content.

And we see in the Links panel, we see both images that came up. And I have a nice video on the Links panel in InDesign you can watch over here, as well. We see our text came over and we can now go in and add, and edit that, if we wanted to. It’s a fully new, editable Adobe InDesign file. Really neat! Now, what I want to show you here is something else. When we convert the file, we also create a job folder, and in that job folder, there are both the images used and the newly-created InDesign file that was just a Quark DesignPad file moments ago. Now, what’s cool is I have these images right here, and these images were on the iPad. I didn’t have them, but now I have them extracted out, available for allowing me to redesign this, however I wish to or need to.

This has been Markzware’s PDF2DTP (PDF to InDesign), your way to edit PDF files or convert PDF files right into InDesign or QuarkXPress. In this case, you saw how you can get a Quark DesignPad version 1.5 PDF file right into Adobe InDesign. Quark DesignPad 1.5 is just out with a new version. It’s a really cool layout app for on your iPad or iPhone, and I really recommend you checking it out. As you saw, it’s free for most users, the new iPad app from Quark, now out in version 1.5 and some of the advanced features, as you saw, did cost 8.99 or 9 Euros, or probably ten or eleven dollars, and that’s really a small price to pay for what you see you can do now, on the road with your small, little iPad or iPhone. By the way, PDF2DTP just won another award, an iWards from MacDirectory! This has been David Dilling from Markzware, wishing you a fantastic day!

Quark DesignPad to InDesign!

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