Adobe CS4 Plugin Pub2ID Converts Publisher Files

Note: Pub2ID has been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has a File Conversion Service where we can convert your Publisher files to InDesign.

Adobe CS4 Plugin Pub2ID
Converts Publisher Files

I now welcome Microsoft Publisher files.
– Timothy Karczewski, DoubleClick Design, LLC

That is not a sentence heard very often. That is a direct quote coming from Timothy Karczewski of DoubleClick Design, LLC, a one man shop whose majority of design work comes from a variety of publications and print projects from catalogs to posters. These may include jobs in which he would have to convert Microsoft Publisher to Adobe InDesign.

My clientele is diverse ranging from a packaging company to a trade show developer, and just about everything in between.
– Timothy Karczewski, DoubleClick Design, LLC

Working with Adobe CS4 and soon installing CS5, Karczewski has been receiving more Publisher files from clients and it became frustrating.

I never used Publisher. But, I was getting more and more files from clients that had been done in Publisher. Being on a Mac with Adobe CS4, I couldn’t really do much with these files, unless I could get it converted to a PDF, and then try to edit it, using Illustrator. This process was very frustrating.
– Timothy Karczewski, DoubleClick Design, LLC

Markzware Pub2ID user, Tim Karczewski, graphic designer, Double Click Design

Tim Karczewski,
DoubleClick Design, LLC

I first bought Q2ID to convert Quark to Adobe CS4 files since I couldn’t afford to support both apps any longer.  It was great, so then I started to seriously look at Pub2ID as my solution to convert Microsoft Publisher files. Before I bought Pub2ID, I had to pass up most jobs that had been developed in Publisher, I now welcome them. I get at least one Publisher file to work from each week. Before the plug-in, I would be looking at a couple hours of trying to created a PDF that I could edit. Now, I have the file open in InDesign in seconds.

I received a template for a business card job from a printer that had been created in Publisher. I opened the file in InDesign (Adobe CS4) and had a PDF back to the printer in less than a half hour.  The metafile of the artwork contained in the Publisher file was usable (although the client did send the original JPEG file). Type was in good shape and just needed the correct fonts applied. Change the color map to CMYK and we were ready to print.
– Timothy Karczewski, DoubleClick Design, LLC

Pub2ID, Markzware‘s InDesign plugin, to the rescue:

Video: PUB2ID

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Markzware’s Pub2ID CS4 plugin can

convert Publisher to InDesign (PUB to INDD) files

Adobe CS4 Plugin, Pub2ID, Converts Publisher Files

Pub2ID, Markzware‘s InDesign plugin to convert Publisher to ID, simplifies file conversion and font conversion. Not having to deal with font issues is something that Tim Karszewski can appreciate:

Before Pub2ID the biggest problems were always font related. Situations where the characters were unrecognizable. But, with Pub2ID, I haven’t run into any situations where the type was not pretty much ready to go. So far it has been mostly seamless. It was a great investment and I’m constantly recommending it to people in the business.
– Timothy Karczewski, DoubleClick Design, LLC

Convert Microsoft Publisher to Adobe CS4 with Pub2ID, an InDesign Plugin

So what about you?  Share your story! Do you get a lot of files that require you to use an InDesign plugin to convert Microsoft Publisher to Adobe CS4?  Do you use a conversion tool or have other methods of to work around them?  We would love to hear your story about how you convert Microsoft Publisher to Adobe InDesign with this InDesign plugin.

Adobe CS4 Plugin Pub2ID Converts Publisher Files

Title: Adobe CS4 Plugin Pub2ID Converts Publisher Files
Published on: March 4, 2011
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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