Do You Plan to Buy Adobe CS5? Creative Industry Survey Results

The Software research team at Janney Montgomery Scott gave Markzware permission to share these creative industry survey results on the upcoming Adobe Creative Suite 5 (a.k.a. Adobe CS5 release), while many in the graphic design, publishing, and prepress industries anticipate the mid-April arrival of Adobe CS5.

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Survey Results
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1) What version of Creative Suite do you currently use?
What version of Creative Suite do you currently use?
2) What specific products do you use? (Click all that apply.)
Which Adobe Creative Suite 5 CS5 Products Do You Use?
3) Are you planning to upgrade to CS5?
Upgrade to Adobe CS5 Creative Suite 5
4) If you’re not planning to upgrade to CS5, what is the primary reason why?
Why Not Upgrade to Adobe CS5 Creative Suite?
5) How does the pipeline of your business compare to a year ago?
How Does Business Pipeline Compare to Last Year?
6) How important are the overall state of the economy and levels of advertising spending for your plans to spend on creative products?
Creative Products Economy Spending
7) What are your thoughts on Apple’s refusal to allow Flash onto the iPhone and iPad and comments supporting HTML5?

  • Flash is a closed, single-source product. While it does amazing things, it is like Windows — it is a product based on very old technology and has much of the same security concerns.I support Apple and their decision to opt for HTML5.
  • iPhone and iPad need Flash!!! I don’t understand why they haven’t done this yet. Flash is not going away.
  • Dumb
  • It’s Apple’s way of controlling distribution and has absolutely nothing to do with the actual facts regarding the platform or the player. Its a money play designed to keep people paying Apple for what the Flash player would open up for free. They’ve been down this closed platform road before when trying to compete with Windows 20 years ago… didn’t work out so well then and I hope for the same result now. If I didn’t have to own an iPhone for development purposes I wouldn’t, luckily the company pays for that phone, my money is spent on 3 Android phones for my family.
  • More opportunity for competitors. I have no problem with a business making a decision that they believe serves their interest in a competitive market.
  • Apple and Adobe both need to learn how to play nice in ways that benefit their customers and worry less about their bottom line.
  • Typical corporate greed.
  • it’s great to see flash on Apple iphone & ipad
  • HTML 5 is not a decent comparative, Safari and Google may implement a particular way but good luck with Firefox and Microsoft. I don’t understand why no one points out that other frameworks are not running on the Crapple hardware either. Where is the Java support, or DotNet, etc. Apple is definitely a marketing machine as it touts simplistic things like copy and paste as an innovation when it has been on windows Mobile devices for years. As a representative of an R&D organization I do get all of the technologies, and I would take my Windows Mobile device and my tablet over an ipad and iphone anyday
  • We rely on Flash for Connect
  • Like Apple products but hate the closed nature of Apple’s business model.
  • I only use Flash for Flex-based AIR desktop products. I don’t use Flash on the web any more, just JavaScript / Ajax. Most Flash-based apps on the web just aren’t good enough to justify the quirks in their operations. I think Apple have a good argument.
  • it’s a business decision. That’s why I will switch to NexusOne when it comes to Verizon
  • Apple should work with Adobe in helping flash to become a first-class citizen, and Adobe should be certain that binary code and best-practice development for the Mac platform be documented to address consumer and developer complaints regarding performance of Flash on Apple hardware.
  • Apple’s loss.
  • Doesn’t bother me but it will hurt the iPad. Not a big deal when it comes to the iPhone.
  • not realistic. They need to share!
  • It is completely stupid
  • Adobe needs Apple. Apple is getting too big for their britches, but Adobe cannot afford to have a bad relation with Apple at this stage, imho.
  • i hate steve!
  • Who really cares – it would be nice if they would just get along but maybe adobe should just develop its own platform.
  • I agree that Flash should be faster – even with 10.1 I can see performance problems. I wish it did have Flash Player, but that is not going to stop me from buying it.
  • don’t even get me started. I HATE what they are doing. they need to remember which company really kick started apple as a worthwhile computer. YOU DID. it’s just Steve being his usual self. I cant wait for the day we can pull down his statue and start hitting it with our shoes. HTML 5, is nothing like flash. html 5 is like say MXML, flash is more like windows, html5 is a language, flash is a VM almost a mini OS. cant compare the two. it makes no sense. html5 although welcome, will in NO WAY effect our use of flash or the software we develop for flash. As you can see, i have issues with the way this is being talked about in blogs. contact me for more if needed
  • It’s the right thing for Apple to do. Open standards are where it’s at. Competition is good.
  • I hate it. I think Apple is full of it.

8) What web analytics provider do you/your customers currently use? (Click all that apply.)
Web Analytics Providers
9) Do you have any other thoughts you would like to share with us regarding Adobe or Adobe products?

  • Adobe blows everyone else out of the water. Designers love it because it is easy to use and Adobe keeps people happy by giving people what they want. A downside is that the products are expensive, especially when you’re just trying to upgrade and this can be an annoyance. InDesign integrates very well with Microsoft products and this is extremely helpful. No other product out there is as sophisticated as Adobe’s products.
  • when not, I am very satisfied with the products
  • Hurry up and finish CFBuilder, FX4, and Adobe CS5
  • Amazing! The Best! Rocks! Just love it!
  • the license should be interchangeable from Apple to PC or pc to apple.
  • Like your blogs.
  • yes
  • I love ’em and couldn’t do my job with out them.
  • Omniture seems expensive.
  • just keep on doing what you do. you do it best and have done for years. keep running with flash vm and making it better and better. love Flex, use it every day. oh yes, make LCDS3 price in line with CF9 and make them work together. 🙂
  • Keep up the good work! Make it cheaper for updates 😉
  • I would love the option to include Flash Builder in a ‘build your own’ product suite. I would prefer to be able to a la carte a suite and only pay for the products I use while receiving a discount for purchasing multiple products as a bundle. Let me trade Fireworks, Acrobat and Contribute for Flash Builder and After Effects.
  • I like the Adobe Creative Suites. I like them a lot.
  • We don’t use them as often as we used to.
  • I love that Adobe exposes so much of the applications to javascript APIs. I wish the documentation and support was better. Especially for Dreamweaver extensions. I don’t write these things everyday. But they are hugely useful for streamlining workflows.Need to improve SVN support in Dreamweaver. It’s useless in CS4. I’d like to see a way to bookmark folders and files in the sites pane in Dreamweaver, so it’s easy to get to frequently used files in deep, complex folder structures.
  • no
  • Just open source the flash player, or send out the Jailbroken way to get flash working on iPhone. blame it on a hacker from a third world country with no extradition treaty and lets get it out there! Just send it to me, I will do it. 😉
  • A lot of Adobe’s products have become serious bloatware over the years. I like fast, lean tools which focus on one task and do it well. I’ve almost completely stopped using the Flash authoring tool. I rarely use Dreamweaver any more. Acrobat is a necessary evil. Fireworks is really the only CS product I still love (and the UI has gotten worse with every recent release).
  • Adobe’s commitment to provide innovation via implementing feature requests often comes at the expense of bloated code in its deliverable software products. It would be nice to know if Adobe is also committed to reducing the memory and processing footprint to the absolute necessity rather than exploiting the abundance of cheap memory and faster processors.
  • They’re too expensive, unwieldy, and (the reason I’m not on CS4) they CRASH like crazy on my Macs.

SOURCE: Software research team at Janney Montgomery Scott

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Do You Plan to Buy Adobe CS5? Creative Industry Survey Results

Title: Do You Plan to Buy Adobe CS5? Creative Industry Survey Results
Published on: April 1, 2010
David Dilling

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