How to Convert PUB to INDD with Markzware Pub2ID Adobe CS6 Plugin

Note: Pub2ID has been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has a File Conversion Service where we can convert your Publisher files to InDesign.

How to convert PUB to INDD with Pub2ID Adobe CS6 plugin by Markzware:

With clients producing designs themselves in Microsoft Publisher, Pub2ID, an Adobe CS6 plugin by Markzware, makes Publisher to InDesign data conversion much easier. Users can avoid having problems getting printers to take Microsoft Publisher files by getting those files into a print-ready format in InDesign. See how in this video:

How to Convert PUB to INDD with Pub2ID

Markzware Pub2ID Adobe CS6 plugin is how to convert PUB to INDD files

If your application of choice is InDesign, Pub2ID is the way to convert Publisher to InDesign. Pub2ID enpowers users to open Publisher files in InDesign, even if it is a complex, multi-page Microsoft Publisher document.
Markzware Pub2ID Commercial Printing Tools in Microsoft PublisherPublisher to InDesign data conversion takes mere moments with the Markzware Pub2ID Adobe CS6 plugin, compared to the hours it would take to re-create it from scratch. Pub2ID is available online now at the Pub2ID page.

How to convert PUB to INDD – Markzware Pub2ID Adobe CS6 plugin!

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