Publisher Data Conversion: Convert Publisher with InDesign Plugin Pub2ID

Note: Pub2ID has been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has a File Conversion Service where we can convert your Publisher files to InDesign.

Microsoft Publisher data conversion with Markzware InDesign plugin, Pub2ID. This Publisher to InDesign plugin can convert Publisher to InDesign, to make Publisher prepress easier:

Mary Ann Trzyna, graphic designer, Trzyna Graphics, uses Pub2IDOwner and graphic designer, Mary Ann Trzyna, creates a wide variety of designs that include both print and web, brochures, postcards, logo/identity, promotional materials, imprint setup, websites and emails.

Trzyna, whose design work is mainly in Adobe InDesign, occasionally will get a file from a client whose work was done in Microsoft Publisher. “I have never used Publisher for layout. I have occasionally used the program to make a change to a client supplied file, but mostly if I open a file in Publisher, it is to extract the text and graphic content, so that I can use it in an InDesign layout.”

Trzyna continues, “A few times a year, I will get a file from a client (a printer or a promotional product company) who has a Publisher file (from their client) and they can’t print from. I import the .pub into InDesign to set up for output.”

Trzyna is mostly a Macintosh-based studio. “I have one older Mac running windows. Prior to buying Pub2ID, I had to move that workstation, boot up, run Windows, open the doc in Publisher (while reminding myself how to do anything I need to do in Publisher), swearing a little (required if you’re an InDesign user who is forced to work in Publisher), extracting text and images, then back to InDesign to place and format the content. Now I open the Publisher file in InDesign using Pub2ID adjust as needed, and export a print pdf.”

If you need to convert Publisher to InDesign, get Pub2ID, the Adobe InDesign plugin from Markzware to open Microsoft Publisher content in an Adobe InDesign document. Pub2ID is available online at the Pub2ID page. Watch how the Pub2ID data conversion tool can migrate Microsoft Publisher items to Adobe InDesign:

InDesign Plugin for Microsoft Publisher Data Conversion – Markzware Pub2ID

Pub2ID can convert Publisher to InDesign, along with text, images, colors and more

Publisher data conversion: Use Markzware Pub2ID InDesign plugin to convert Publisher to InDesign!

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