Publisher to InDesign CS6 with Adobe CS6 Plugin Markzware Pub2ID

Note: Pub2ID has been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has a File Conversion Service where we can convert your Publisher files to InDesign.
Convert Publisher to InDesign CS6 with Adobe CS6 plugin, Markzware Pub2ID, an InDesign plugin to open Microsoft Publisher in InDesign CS6 files for Adobe Creative Suite workflows:

Adobe Creative Suite InDesign CS6 is a key creative application in publishing and print workflows using graphic software for graphic design creation of marketing collateral for print, newsletter emails, and more. Sometimes, Microsoft Publisher legacy files are introduced into print workflows, but these files are inaccessible through InDesign. Without Pub2ID, an Adobe CS6 plugin by Markzware to convert Publisher to InDesign, these graphic design files could be lost.

The Pub2ID InDesign plugin can open Publisher in InDesign CS6, including such items as fonts and styles, color models, text attributes, page size, positioning, linked text boxes, tables, text flow/wrap, and layers. With a simple mouse click, you can quickly start the PUB to INDD file conversion using this data conversion software.

Open Publisher in InDesign CS6 with Adobe CS6 Plugin, Pub2ID

PUB to INDD with Markzware Pub2ID for Publisher to Adobe InDesign CS6 file conversion

The time-saving Pub2ID InDesign plugin works easily and seamlessly, without the user having to re-create entire Microsoft Publisher documents in InDesign files. Pub2ID data conversion software allows users to open Publisher files within InDesign files for editing as usual.

Convert Publisher to InDesign Text Effects with Pub2ID
Markzware Pub2ID for InDesign CS6 Supported and Non-Supported Text Formatting Effects Markzware Pub2ID can import Publisher text into InDesign CS6 in Adobe Creative Suite

When you need to open Publisher PUB within InDesign INDD, Pub2ID is the solution to bring elements in Microsoft Publisher to Adobe InDesign. This InDesign plugin is a worthwhile investment that pays for itself with usage. You can purchase this amazing Publisher to Adobe InDesign data conversion software today via the Pub2ID page. More document conversion tools for creative professionals, publishers, printers, and graphic designers are available on the Markzware Products page.

Convert Publisher to InDesign with Pub2ID, the Adobe CS6 plugin from Markzware!

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