Publisher to Mac in Adobe InDesign CS6 via Markzware Pub2ID CS6 Plugin

Note: Pub2ID has been DISCONTINUED. Please see our Products page for current Markzware offerings. Markzware also has a File Conversion Service where we can convert your Publisher files to InDesign.

Publisher to Mac with the Pub2ID CS6 plugin: Convert Publisher to Adobe InDesign CS6 INDD documents with Markzware Pub2ID for Macintosh, the Adobe CS6 plugin that can open Publisher within InDesign files for Adobe Creative Suite workflows. This post explains how this data conversion software can convert Publisher to Mac.

Publisher to Mac
Have you received a Microsoft Publisher document, but need to submit an InDesign CS6 document? Convert Publisher to Mac for INDD document production, by using the Markzware Pub2ID Adobe CS6 plugin. This easy-to-use data conversion software can import Microsoft Publisher into Adobe Creative Suite InDesign files on the Macintosh platform, which is widely used in graphic design workflows for desktop publishing (DTP).

Adobe InDesign CS6 Plugin for Publisher to Mac
Pub2ID is a data conversion tool from Markzware to easily and affordably convert Publisher to Mac for Adobe InDesign files. Click the video below to see how this CS6 plugin can open Publisher PUB files and legacy files within a new Adobe InDesign INDD document on a Macintosh, while preserving fonts, styles and formatting:

How to Convert Publisher to Mac with Publisher Converter, Pub2ID

Markzware Pub2ID InDesign plugin for Macintosh systems can
convert Publisher to Mac, with text, fonts, colors, images, and more, in .indd

Publisher to Mac via Adobe CS6 Plugin
With a few clicks, users can accomplish data conversion from Microsoft Publisher to Adobe InDesign for Mac. Simple-to-use Markzware Pub2ID data conversion can quickly open Publisher within an INDD document, saving graphic arts, printing and publishing professionals countless hours that might have been spent re-creating the document.

Items in Adobe InDesign CS6 after Data Conversion from Publisher to Mac
The Pub2ID InDesign plugin can convert Publisher, including the following items to CS6:
• fonts and styles
• grouped items
• images and image scaling
• layers
• linked text boxes
• page size
• Pantone color names, RGB, CMYK, and tint values
• positioning
• tables
• text attributes
• text flow
• text wrap

Publisher to Mac for CS6: Choosing a Folder
Markzware Pub2ID for InDesign CS6 Select InDesign Folder Selecting the Adobe InDesign CS6 folder while using Markzware’s Adobe CS6 plugin, Pub2ID

Markzware Pub2ID simplifies data conversion from Publisher to InDesign. Get fast file conversion with easy access to PUB content, just by clicking an option. Since the Pub2ID InDesign plugin can open Publisher within InDesign CS6, it can streamline productivity, provide immediate opportunity for return on investment, and help creative professionals to proceed in a Mac-based production workflow for graphic arts.

Please visit the online Pub2ID page, to buy the Markzware Pub2ID plugin to convert Publisher to Adobe InDesign CS6; or call 1-800-300-3532 to purchase this Microsoft Publisher to InDesign CS6 plugin. To see more document conversion tools, please visit the Markzware Products page.

Please comment below on the Pub2ID CS6 plugin or on Publisher to Adobe InDesign file conversion, in general. Please subscribe to the Markzware Mailing List, and join Markzware on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

Publisher to Mac for workflows that handle InDesign files for Adobe Creative Suite: Use Pub2ID data conversion software!

Title: Publisher to Mac in Adobe InDesign CS6 via Markzware Pub2ID CS6 Plugin
Published on: July 25, 2013
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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