Convert Quark To InDesign

Convert Quark To InDesign

Convert Quark to InDesign with Markzware‘s InDesign plugin, Q2ID:

Carmen DiBartolomeo, art director, co-owner, Red Kite Project LLC uses Q2ID to convert Quark to InDesign

Carmen DiBartolomeo, C.O.O./Art Director, Red Kite Project, recommends Markzware’s Q2ID to convert Quark to InDesign

Family owned business, Red Kite Project LLC (, trains employees in customer service. Since customer service is a priority, Carmen DiBartolomeo, art director and co-owner, designs all the graphic material and makes sure that Q2ID is part of the process. Q2ID by Markzware is the InDesign plugin to convert Quark to InDesign.

From designing college level book covers and interiors, logos, manuals, and any other graphic requirements, DiBartolomeo has experience using QuarkXPress since 1986. In 2008, things changed. “I received a project to design and make pages, but I had to know InDesign. I ended up self-teaching myself InDesign over a two-month period and I have never looked back. However, I started getting requests to convert Quark files into InDesign, but I didn’t know of anything about conversion, so I went online. I tried to pay an online service a per-file conversion fee, but found that method to be impractical. That is when I decided to purchase Markzware’s Q2ID plugin.”

See how to convert Quark to InDesign, by watching this Q2ID demo video on Markzware’s Adobe InDesign plugin:

Convert Quark to InDesign

InDesign plugin, Q2ID, transfers QuarkXPress files (QXP) to InDesign files (INDD)

DiBartolomeo continues, “I have a lot of Quark documents, so I use Q2ID often to convert from Quark right into Adobe InDesign. There are some issues that I see, but if you’re familiar with the book design to final disk process you will know that when converting style sheets, masters, colors, formats, the translation is about 90% accurate. Since most edition books require a make-over, and I also remake style sheets, etc., from scratch, even from a pickup. Most problems which I encounter are weird type wrapping and floating text or picture boxes. Recently, I had a major publisher ask how they can make conversions better and consistent, and I recommended Q2ID.”
Convert Quark to InDesign with Markzware Q2IDYou can buy this InDesign plugin for data conversion via the Q2ID page. See more conversion software on the Markzware Products page.

Convert Quark to InDesign with Quark to InDesign plugin, Q2ID

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