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Creatives, graphic designers – is your source for info on layout file conversion. Such data conversion is done with Q2ID, the Quark to InDesign plugin from Markzware. Q2ID can convert Quark to InDesign content.

Q2ID saves you the time it would take to recreate content. Brochure, advertisement, printed materials all can be converted from Quark to InDesign with ease thanks to Markzware!

“Graphic designers, creatives, listen up: is all you need to know. Now you can convert your brochures, advertisements, magazines, and other printed material today. Moving data from one platform to another is not easy, but at, you’ll see it’s a snap. Whether your moving Quark files to InDesign on Windows, or Microsoft Publisher files to MacIntosh, Markzware’s conversion tools are the answer. That’s right – brochures over 100 pages and complex advertisements are converted in a flash. Markzware’s unique technology reads files, then converts all the data, such as images, fonts, colors, and, of course, all the text to your application and operating system. Remember, Markzware is the only company that can promise you this. Get Markzware data conversion tools today.”

You can buy Markzware’s data conversion software via the Markzware Products page. radio commercial with animation

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