Edit QuarkXPress QXP File in Adobe InDesign INDD: Q2ID InDesign Plugin

You can edit QuarkXPress QXP files in Adobe InDesign INDD files, using Markzware‘s Q2ID InDesign plugin for file conversion:

In certain workflows for graphic arts, printing, and publishing, Adobe InDesign is the suitable choice for file format. If you have content that is saved as a QuarkXPress, or QXP, document, how do you get it into InDesign, so that you can change details in the document? A plugin for Quark to InDesign document conversion can allow you to use InDesign features to improve content from a QXP file.

Markzware is well known for its exceptional conversion software for creative professionals and the like. Markzware’s Q2ID InDesign plugin can import QuarkXPress into InDesign, allowing users to quickly move on to other production tasks, for increased ROI.

You can modify content that was created in QuarkXPress, by using Q2ID to convert QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign. See how, in this demonstration video:

Edit QuarkXPress QXP File in Adobe InDesign INDD: Q2ID InDesign Plugin

Get fast access for polishing up a QXP document within an INDD document! Markzware‘s Q2ID opens the QuarkXPress file in InDesign, allowing you to edit the QXP file.

Q2ID Benefits
• saves the costs of recreating QXP files and helps to preserve intellectual property.
• saves time spent rebuilding QuarkXPress documents, while providing quality file conversion.
• allows easy content migration, so that you can access QXP content within a new INDD document.
• enables users to edit QuarkXPress content in InDesign.

Markzware offers this Adobe InDesign plugin for integration of QuarkXPress content into InDesign for Adobe Creative Suite or Creative Cloud. Q2ID represents file conversion at its best, whether converting QXP documents for print, web or other purposes.

How to Prepare to Edit QuarkXPress QXP Files in Adobe InDesign, via Q2ID
Here are steps to get seamless data conversion and easy access to QXP content within a new INDD document:
• Click “Markzware” in the InDesign Menu Bar and select “Convert QuarkXPress® Document…” from the Q2ID fly-out menu.
• Select the QuarkXPress file to convert and click Open. You will see a conversion progress bar. The QuarkXPress file will appear rebuilt in InDesign.
• Save, close and reopen the new InDesign file.
• Remap any missing fonts or images via the InDesign dialog.
• Re-save the new InDesign document.

After Using Markzware’s Q2ID InDesign Plugin, You Can
Edit QuarkXPress (QXP) Files in Adobe InDesign INDD:

Markzware q2id master page objectsQ2ID offers such key features as:
1. Convert QuarkXPress® Document… lets you choose which QuarkXPress file to convert.
2. Help… displays helpful information:
• the version number of Q2ID you are running.
• the Q2ID online manual link.
• Markzware Tech Support request form link.
3. The Conversion progress bar enables you to track the progress of your file conversion.

Convert mediocre content and use advanced InDesign features to produce awesome graphic design documents! Q2ID is a complete QXP to INDD conversion solution for producers of print, publishing, graphic arts, and other content.

Markzware‘s Q2ID can convert QuarkXPress layout details to InDesign, including:
• blends
• colors
• images
• layers
• linked text boxes
• page positioning
• runarounds
• tables
• text attributes

Q2ID has helpful options for document conversion, to enhance the complete InDesign workflow. Data conversion with Q2ID reduces time to market for InDesign document production.

Markzware Q2ID LogoQ2ID is built to process files faster than ever, while supporting the InDesign format. Markzware’s InDesign plugin expands document production capabilities, by adding features that allow users to batch convert QuarkXPress files.

Buy Q2ID
The Q2ID Bundle Subscription includes plugins for InDesign CC-CC 2015 (Creative Cloud), as well as for CS5-CS6 (Adobe Creative Suite), for Macintosh and Windows platforms. The subscription allows access to all of these plugins, plus free updates throughout the subscription term. You can buy the Q2ID Bundle Subscription, via the Q2ID page. See more document conversion tools on the Markzware Products page.

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Edit QuarkXPress QXP File in Adobe InDesign INDD: Q2ID InDesign Plugin

Title: Edit QuarkXPress QXP File in Adobe InDesign INDD: Q2ID InDesign Plugin
Published on: November 11, 2016
Patty Talley

Strategic Marketing Analyst at Markzware

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