How to Open QuarkXPress in Adobe INDD Creative Suite 5.5

Markzware shows how to open QuarkXPress in Adobe INDD Creative Suite 5.5, via InDesign CS5.5 plugins in the Q2ID Bundle:

Do you know how to get your QuarkXPress content into an Adobe InDesign CS5.5 file? You could find out how to do this type of file conversion, today, by learning from this article and video.

Markzware specializes in quality solutions to complex print, graphic arts, and publishing problems. Markzware’s Q2ID InDesign plugin is a product that enables document conversion of QuarkXPress files to Adobe InDesign.

Convert QuarkXPress to InDesign CS5.5 with user-friendly data conversion software for INDD document users! See how, in this demonstration video:

How to Open QuarkXPress in Adobe INDD Creative Suite 5.5

File conversion software can be a handy way to move content from one file format to another. Markzware Q2ID offers QuarkXPress conversion, with support for several InDesign versions for both macOS and Windows.

How to Open QuarkXPress in Adobe INDD Creative Suite 5.5 with Q2ID:
• Click “Markzware” in the InDesign Menu Bar and select “Convert QuarkXPress® Document…” from the Q2ID fly-out menu.
• Select the QuarkXPress file to convert and click Open. You will see a conversion progress bar. The QuarkXPress file will appear rebuilt in InDesign.
Save, close and reopen the new InDesign file.
• Remap any missing fonts or images via the InDesign dialog.
• Re-save the new InDesign document.

What’s more, users can batch convert any number of QuarkXPress files into Adobe InDesign, via bulk conversion with Q2ID. For example, a QuarkXPress file handler can turn multiple QXP documents into INDD documents, as well as use single-file conversion.

Batch conversion can significantly speed up your document production process. Markzware Q2ID can convert multiple QXP files, to allow for quick turnaround time.

Commercial printers, publishers, and graphic artists can gain business opportunities, by producing quality documents, with the help of file conversion with Q2ID. INDD document creators and other graphic arts file providers can also benefit from Q2ID’s flexible conversion software features.

Markzware’s lat­est offer­ing fills in the gap, enabling the Quark-to-InDesign migra­tion in the form of Q2ID. Q2ID is a sim­ple fil­ter plug-in. … It has one spe­cif­ic job, and it does that job well.
Once installed, sim­ply open a QuarkXPress or QuarkXPress Passport lay­out with InDesign’s File > Open com­mand to begin the con­ver­sion … To real­ly speed the job, con­vert mul­ti­ple doc­u­ments at once just like open­ing INDD files—select sequen­tial files by click­ing on the first, then SHIFT-clicking on the last. CMD-click non-sequential files to select them.
The big ques­tion is: Does it work? You bet your base­line it does. … One thing that real­ly impressed me is … a fea­ture to pre­serve the z-order of objects. … If, however, you’ve made the switch to InDesign — and don’t intend to go back — while hold­ing a library of XPress doc­u­ments, Q2ID will pay for itself in no time.
I con­sid­er few plug-ins manda­to­ry for any busi­ness. If your busi­ness is an InDesign-based ser­vice bureau, ad agency, peri­od­i­cal, or any oth­er shop that takes files from clients for incor­po­ra­tion or repur­pos­ing into oth­er doc­u­ments, Q2ID is one of those few.

– Pariah Burke, InDesign guru,

Q2ID Benefits
• lets you access QXP content within a new INDD document, via a simple selection.
• provides a simple method for dependable QuarkXPress to InDesign document conversion.
• enables organizations to collaborate the “green” way, via compatible files.
saves time and labor, as the QXP document does not have to be rebuilt from scratch.

Markzware Q2ID Menu to Open QuarkXPress in Adobe INDD Creative Suite 5.5:
Q2ID Menu to Open QuarkXPress in Adobe INDD Creative Suite 5.5

Features in Q2ID
1. Convert QuarkXPress® Document… – Clicking on this menu item will bring up an Open File window asking you to locate the QuarkXPress file you would like to convert. Note: Q2ID supports file conversion of QuarkXPress files (including many paragraph border and paragraph shading features found in QuarkXPress 2018) to InDesign CS5-CC 2018 Mac and Win.
2. Help… – Clicking this will bring up a small window with a few options.
When you select the Help… menu item, a small window appears with:
• the version number of Q2ID you are running.
• link to the Q2ID online manual, which opens your default web browser and takes you to the online Q2ID manual.
• link to the Markzware Tech Support Request Form, which opens your default web browser and takes you to the Markzware Online Technical Support Form.
3. Conversion progress bar – helps you to track the file conversion process.

Is your QuarkXPress file conversion process optimized? Q2ID can provide you with efficient, affordable QXP to INDD data conversion.

Produce InDesign CS5.5 documents, based on existing QuarkXPress content, with quick and easy file conversion, using Q2ID! Markzware’s Q2ID (Quark to InDesign) plugin can quickly import QuarkXPress into InDesign CS5.5 files, effectively reducing processing time.

Sample File Conversion, using Markzware Q2ID to
Open QuarkXPress in Adobe INDD Creative Suite 5.5:

Sample File Conversion, using Markzware Q2ID to Open QuarkXPress in Adobe INDD Creative Suite 5.5

Q2ID supports file conversion:
• QuarkXPress 2018
• QuarkXPress 2017
• QuarkXPress 2016
• QuarkXPress 2015
• QuarkXPress 10
• QuarkXPress 9
• QuarkXPress 8
• QuarkXPress 7
• QuarkXPress 6
• QuarkXPress 5
• QuarkXPress 4
• and more
• InDesign CC 2018 Mac & Win
• InDesign CC 2017 Mac & Win
• InDesign CC 2015 Mac & Win
• InDesign CC 2014 Mac & Win
• InDesign CC Mac & Win
• InDesign CS6 Mac & Win
• InDesign CS5.5 Mac & Win
• InDesign CS5 Mac & Win

With Q2ID InDesign plugins, you can convert as many QuarkXPress documents as necessary, to produce INDD documents per your job specs. Q2ID’s batch conversion capability, which makes it possible to bulk convert several QXP files, in one session.

Markzware‘s Q2ID can convert QuarkXPress file items to InDesign, including:
• blends
• colors
• images
• layers
• linked text boxes
• page positioning
• runarounds
• tables
• text attributes

InDesign CS5.5 is all about digital publishing. We guess this is why it’s a .5 upgrade … As with its age-old rival, InDesign digital publishing tools break down into two key functions: eBooks and digital magazines. The latter is likely to be most of interest to designers as it offers the most creative opportunies …”
– Neil Bennett, Editor of Digital Arts, InDesign CS5.5 reviewer

Markzware Quark-InDesign Logo Panel Horizontal 480x595Why choose Q2ID over other QuarkXPress conversion tools? You’ll want a quality QuarkXPress file conversion solution that is useful and keeps up with DTP industry trends.

Buy Q2ID
The Q2ID Bundle Subscription includes plugins for InDesign CC-CC 2018 (Creative Cloud), as well as for CS5-CS6 (Adobe Creative Suite), for macOS and Windows platforms. The subscription allows access to all of these plugins, plus free updates throughout the subscription term. You can buy the Q2ID Bundle Subscription, via the Q2ID page. If you want to check out more Markzware solutions for printers, publishers, and graphic artists, please visit the Markzware Products page. Our knowledgeable support team can answer your questions about Markzware’s file conversion solutions.

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How to Open QuarkXPress in Adobe INDD Creative Suite 5.5

Title: How to Open QuarkXPress in Adobe INDD Creative Suite 5.5
Published on: August 8, 2018
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