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Markzware understands the PDF format and can attest that once a file is created to PDF, it is much more difficult to get it back again into the native layout design, regarding data conversion. Markzware saw an interesting post on converting a PDF to Word format said in part:

Most of us have successfully converted Microsoft Word documents to PDF using Acrobat’s built-in PDFMaker application. If the Word document is set up correctly, then text, links, and images appear as expected in the PDF.

But what if you want to (re)convert that PDF content back into Word format so that you can reuse the content? Judging from the comments in forums and on Acrobat help pages, many users want to do this. You can convert PDFs to other file formats by using the File > Export command in Acrobat. A description of how to do this and some tips from the Acrobat community are in this Acrobat Help topic, “Convert PDFs to Word, RTF, or other text formats”.
Source: http://www.graphicstart.com/item.php?itemid=1058720

Ok, fair enough, but how well does the “export to Word” command work in Acrobat? There are also numerous other third-party tools for effectively opening PDF files in Word. Here is a word of caution in a post on converting PDF to Word:

Which software accurately converts PDF to Word?”

Converting PDF to Word (or other word-processing applications, HTML or whatever) is not a simple, push-button affair, as almost everyone who has ever tried it knows (thus the questions).

Even so, most people are looking for a simple, push-button way to get the contents of a PDF into a Word file. What’s the typical experience? Documents with layouts even slightly more complex than vanilla paragraphs routinely convert into junk. End-users expect this task to be pretty easy – which explains why the tone of the typical inquiry may be characterized as “pained”.

Let’s take a moment to understand why converting PDF to Word is so problematic.

The factors influencing the quality of conversion from PDF to Word are, in descending order of significance:

1. The extent to which the document’s logical structures are represented within the PDF (tagging)
2. The complexity of the objects on the page (mathematics, charts, graphs, etc)
3. The complexity of the document layout

Source Post continues here: http://www.acrobatusers.com/blogs/duffjohnson/

Data conversion is not always as easy as it appears. This is one reason that the Markzware solutions for document conversion for QuarkXPress,  convert InDesign and convert Publisher are all so popular – easy, accurate data conversion. If you need an InDesign to Quark converter (ID2Q), convert QuarkXPress  (Q2ID) Quark to Indesign, or Publisher converter (Pub2ID), Markzware has those products for InDesign QuarkXpress data conversion and more. Feel free to visit Markzware online and check out these data conversion for Indesign QuarkXpress  solutions on the Markzware web site.

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