QuarkXPress v9 To Adobe InDesign CS5.5 Q2ID Conversion Solution

QuarkXPress v9 To Adobe InDesign CS5.5 Q2ID Conversion Solution

Markzware welcomes customer feedback on our products, including QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign conversion solution, Q2ID, an Adobe InDesign CS5 plugin for QuarkXPress v9. Markzware interacts with customers through several channels of communication and offers various ways to provide feedback. Besides sending emails to check in with customers, we also keep in touch by picking up the good old telephone and talking to customers. Markzware customer, Deborah Swanson, was kind enough to share her thoughts about Q2ID, one of Markzware’s InDesign CS5 plugins. We would like to share her feedback on this popular file conversion tool with our blog readers:
Markzware Q2ID User, Studio 101 West Photography & Design graphic designer, Deborah SwansonGraphic designer for Studio 101 West Photography and Design, Deborah Swanson shared with Markzware about the studio’s use of the Q2ID. (This InDesign plugin can convert QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign CS5 or CS4.) Studio 101 made a switch from QuarkXPress to Adobe InDesign due to the amount of documents and time it would have taken to basically recreate. So, Markzware Q2ID, an InDesign CS5 plugin, has helped save a lot of time and money when Swanson made the switch from Quark to Adobe.

“I love Q2ID. I have been working in Quark for nearly 20 years and have finally made the switch to InDesign. With all my former work in Quark, the only way I could manage was with the InDesign plugin, Q2ID. It is virtually seamless. Most files only need a slight adjustment, if at all. I love it. It has truly made my life easier.  Thanks, Markzware!”

Markzware wants to keep in touch with our customers, so you may receive a call from us. We want to check in and make sure you are satisfied with the products you have chosen to purchase from us, like the many customers who have provided Q2ID reviews and testimonials on the CS5 plugin that can convert QuarkXPress to InDesign. This InDesign plugin helps you to open QuarkXPress (QXP) files in InDesign (INDD).

We value your feedback, invite you to submit a Markzware testimonial, and look forward to listening to what you would like to share. Tell us how Markzware products have worked in your line of business, including how you convert QuarkXPress to InDesign with Q2ID. This InDesign plugin for data conversion is available from Markzware via the Q2ID page.

QuarkXPress v9 To Adobe InDesign CS5.5 Q2ID Conversion Solution

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