Markzware Helps QuarkXPress Users Import PageMaker Files

by Mary Marchese February 15, 2006 File Conversion

Markzware helps QuarkXPress users import PageMaker files with release of PM2Q6 (Adobe PageMaker to QuarkXPress). Visit markzware.com .

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PasteBoard XT boxshot (QuarkXPress XTension extends Quark workspace)

Markzware Pasteboard XT For QuarkXPress

by Mary Marchese April 15, 2004 Company

Markzware Pasteboard XT QuarkXPress XTension release changes the width and height of the QuarkXPress pasteboard by value or by percentage.

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MarkzTools for Quark

by Mary Marchese February 06, 2003 MarkzTools

Markzware has announced the release of MarkzTools 5. MarkzTools is an XTension that can be used to prevent corrupted QuarkXPress

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Convert PageMaker Files with PM2Q to QuarkXPress v5

by Mary Marchese June 28, 2002 Company

Adobe PageMaker files still exist. To convert PageMaker files to QuarkXPress v5 with PM2Q, see the Markzware DTP File Conversion

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FlightCheck Support for QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign

by Mary Marchese March 05, 2002 FlightCheck Archive (old 32-bit version)

Markzware FlightCheck now supports QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign and print / design file formats. This is a must-have preflight software tool.

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Desktop Publishing (DTP) History: Postscript Pagemaker

Markzware Releases PM2Q XT For Windows

by Mary Marchese October 30, 1996 File Conversion

Markzware releases Windows version of PM2Q XT, QuarkXPress XTension for data conversion to convert PageMaker to Quark XPress (PM to

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