DTP File Conversion Service

Markzware DTP File Conversion Service

Desktop Publishing (DTP) File Conversion service for
Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Publisher and
PDF files! Convert and down-save with Markzware.
DTP File Conversion Service

Need a one-off conversion from say Quark to InDesign?
You could consider Q2ID and get unlimited conversions.
You could also use the Markzware DTP File Conversion Service:
Ad hoc DTP file conversions for a fee so small, it is almost free.

We can convert various DTP (Desktop Publishing) file formats. This is thanks to the multi-award-winning Markzware data conversion products. Software such as PDF2DTP, ID2Q, PUB2ID, MarkzTools and Q2ID.

For example, we can down save an InDesign file. For instance, to open InDesign CS6 files in CS3. This conversion service provides the following data conversion services:

  • Publisher to InDesign
  • QuarkXPress to InDesign
  • PDF to InDesign
  • Illustrator to InDesign
  • InDesign to QuarkXPress
  • PDF to QuarkXPress
  • Illustrator to QuarkXPress

The typical fee is 19 $/€ per file conversion. (If the document is 35mb or less in file size, you pay here.)

For files larger then 35mb, there is a surcharge. (Email sales@markzware.com with the file size, and we can quote you a reasonable price.)

Please contact Markzware on sales@markzware.com for more details on the Markzware DTP File Conversion Service.

Title: DTP File Conversion Service
Published on: July 14, 2014
David Dilling

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