Corrupted InDesign File Recovery Service Can Fix Adobe CS5

Corrupted InDesign File crashing?

Fix corrupted InDesign with Markzware InDesign File Recovery Service to recover InDesign CS5 or CS4 files. Get help from InDesign recovery experts, like some CEOs do.

corrupt InDesign file fix by Markzware InDesign file recovery for an InDesign CS5 document was mentioned in a video posted by Devin Drake, CEO at appacci. Here is the transcript with his comments on how Markzware managed to recover InDesign CS5, despite a corrupted InDesign file:

This is a little video just to illustrate some of the issues we had with a corrupted InDesign file. Our company was using InDesign CS5 to work on a proposal, for the last two weeks and the project file itself or the .IND file became corrupted at some point during the process of bringing together this proposal.

This was quite a big issue for us, as a lot of time and effort had been put into this job and we didn’t have sufficient back-ups to recover the amount of data that we needed to. So, here you can see the issue we were having, when trying to open up the InDesign file. “Proposalv2.indd” may be damaged. Do you want to open it anyway? – CS5 corrupt!

It actually crashed the application and would not open, at all. And when trying to re-open the file you keep getting this dialog box stating it may be damaged and even if you try to open it, it would not work. We kept trying to open the file and no matter how we did, either via the InDesign application or by simply double-clicking the project file, it would just crash the program and would not really give us the opportunity to save it as an other format.

This was the problem and we tried a range of things to try and work-around this. We read through the Internet forums and saw what other users were doing. For instance we tried to trash the font caches, which apparently has worked for quite a few people. We trashed all the font caches, all the Mac OS X font caches. That did not really help at all. We went through the Adobe InDesign prefs and trashed those. So if you go into the ‘Library’ within your ‘User folder’ and go to the ‘Preferences’ and we found and trashed the InDesign preferences as well. This resets everything within InDesign and also resets the customizations and that did not do anything either (to help fix this corrupted file.) So we were really having a bit of a problem here.

This is when we turned to Markzware. They have a fantastic InDesign Recovery Service and tool, which allows us to convert our InDesign file to a QuarkXPress Project file and back again to InDesign. Within one or two hours, Markzware had the converted and fixed file back with all of the images and content preserved and it now opened perfectly. So to be honest, if we had know about this Markzware Corrupted InDesign File Recovery Service off the bat, we would have gone straight for it.

Markzware’s recovery service was a huge time saver and definitely saved us a good week of work. I would recommend to anybody who has a corrupted InDesign file who is maybe on a short schedule or deadline and who just wants results, a working solution, then definitely get in touch with the guys from Markzware and get them to convert back your corrupt InDesign project, it is well worth the small price. Thank you very much guys.

Markzware File Recovery Recover InDesign from Error Code 5Markzware InDesign File Recovery Service may be able to recover InDesign CS5 files and more for you, as well. Contact Markzware to request a corrupted InDesign fix.

Title: Corrupted InDesign File Recovery Service Can Fix Adobe CS5
Published on: April 20, 2011
David Dilling

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