Adobe CS4 Print Page Layout Software Reviewed by MacLife

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Adobe CS4 for Adobe Mac, with which Markzware products like FlightCheck interact, is a design program for page layout. John Cruise of MacLife Magazine wrote a review on Adobe CS4. Years ago, Markzware invented preflight to check Adobe and other documents created with layout applications. FlightCheck is the renowned preflighting application for print quality control used by thousands of printers and publishers worldwide.
Adobe InDesign CS4 of Adobe Creative SuiteFlightCheck preflighting software can preflight Adobe files to ensure printing quality, before output. How Adobe CS4 incorporates ‘preflight checking‘ is explained in further detail in the review:

Live preflighting highlights potential problems as you work.

The decade-old InDesign, which is the de facto standard for print page design, has pushed the envelope of page-layout software by introducing many new features—transparency effects, hanging punctuation, parent/child master pages, and onscreen display of color separations, to mention only a few. Perhaps it’s the app’s track record as an innovator that makes InDesign CS4 something of a mixed bag. To its credit, the new version includes a healthy number of new features and some helpful improvements. Unfortunately, nothing falls into the “killer” category.

Users of previous versions will notice a few interface changes in InDesign CS4. There’s now an Application bar above the menus with a handful of icons (one links to Adobe Bridge; the others are related to the display of open documents) and a search field that’s linked to a new online Help system. We found the Application bar to be a waste of space. Fortunately, we have the option to hide it.

A close look at the bottom of a document window reveals an interesting and useful new feature: Live Preflight. As you work on a document, InDesign CS4 warns you if you introduce a potential printing problem, for example, importing an RGB image into a CMYK document. A red dot indicates a potential error; a green dot means the document doesn’t have any potential printing problems. The accompanying menu lets you open the Preflight panel, which allows you turn Live Preflight on or off and create custom preflight profiles.

Source: Adobe InDesign CS4 | MacLife

You can buy the quality control preflighting solution for your preflight checking via the FlightCheck page. See more printing solutions on the Markzware Products page.

Adobe CS4 Print Page Layout Software Reviewed by MacLife

Title: Adobe CS4 Print Page Layout Software Reviewed by MacLife
Published on: January 27, 2011
Patrick Marchese

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